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India is also the fastest growing telecom market in the world with an addition of 12 million monthly subscribers. They understand the fact that they cannot start making profits from the very day they enter the market neither do they have the plans for it.

There are million people in this age group. So it becomes very important for every firm to promote its product or it may not survive in the market. Various steps that Virgin is taking to add value to the customer are on price, quality, technology and social front.

The Mobile Store A minor project report on1 is a one stop mobile solution shop that provides, multi brand handsets, accessories, connections, repairs, VAS etc all under one roof.

Company is providing the best prices in whichever plan you go, quality of signals is not only comparable but better than most of the service providers, on technology front it is the first in India to go for one-touch VAS access from every Virgin Mobile. Although retail industry has existed in our country for centuries but it is only the recently that it is witnessing such a tremendous growth.

The Mobile Store offers a world class shopping environment, with state of the art technology. They make more and longer out-bound voice calls, which A minor project report on1 huge billing potential for service providers.

In telecom industry, service providers are the main drivers; whereas equipment manufacturers are witnessing growth and decline in successive quarters as sales is dependent on order undertaken by the companies.

By this group is expected to contribute percent of total revenues. However, satisfaction as the confirmation of expectation has started to be conceptualizing almost as a threshold for customers. The Department of Telecommunications has been able to provide state of the art world-class infrastructure at globally competitive tariffs and reduce the digital divide by extending connectivity to the unconnected areas.

So after agriculture retailing is one of the biggest sources of employment in the country and is one of the largest industries in India. Indian Telecom industry is one of the fastest growing telecom markets in the world.

Nowadays every firm faces a cut throat competition in terms of sales, turnovers, profits, etc. Virgin has promoted itself as the brand for young India, keeping the Indian youth as its target customer segment. The usage of SMS, data services in the form of mobile internet, mobile shopping and other value added services like ring tones, caller tunes, wallpapers, etc tend to be very high in this age group which again provides a huge opportunity to be tapped.

Today, the key focus area of many organizations is identification of a link between customer satisfaction and performance. So, the future profit strategy is maximizing profit margins through data services and it is youth segment which provides maximum data service revenues.

It is the stage from which the product directly gets in the hand of the customer and today India is standing on the threshold of retail revolution and witnessing a great change in its retail landscape i. The delivery of satisfaction is the minimum the customer expects.

The company knows that they are trying to position themselves into a very well established and a competitive market. Today the Indian telecommunications network with over These techniques are used in the marketing of product in the last stages known as retailing.

It is highly imperative for every organization to retain and use valuable information about their customer to enhance their business strategies and product and service offerings. The Mobile Store currently has more than outlets and the vision is to have a network of stores by across cities, thus covering virtually every major town in every state across India.

India has emerged as a major base for the telecom industry worldwide. Though young subscribers constitute only 30 percent of the total mobile subscribers, they contribute more than 50 percent of the revenues of the telecom industry.

About The Mobile Store: The distinct mobile phone usage habits of the young users provides a huge advantage to Virgin Mobile. They anticipate to achieve a subscriber base of 5 million in next three years and w make profit afterwards.

The different marketing perspectives are explained in fig 1. As the sales promotion techniques are used for the marketing of the product so the research has been done in the area of marketing.

The Brand targets Indian youth aged between 14 and 25 years. Virgin mobile has communicated itself as the youth oriented brand of India through various communication channels.Introduction to A Minor Project Report on FTP: File transfer protocol is a network used to copy a file.

And even for transmitting files between computers using internet. Sep 13,  · This project was made in 1 hour. Everything in this project can be improved DRASTICALLY. MINOR PROJECT REPORT ON MARKETING STRATEGIES AND SALES PROMOTION OF,Ask Latest information,Abstract,Report,Presentation (pdf,doc,ppt),MINOR PROJECT REPORT ON MARKETING STRATEGIES AND SALES PROMOTION OF technology discussion,MINOR PROJECT REPORT ON MARKETING STRATEGIES AND SALES PROMOTION OF paper presentation details.

Major Project Report Format After completion of the project work, every student will submit a project report which should contain the following: 1.

Cover Page (as per annexure 1) 2. Title page (as per annexure 1) 3. Declaration by the Student (as per annexure 2) 4.

A MINOR PROJECT REPORT ON. WATER TREATMENT PLANT MADHAV INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE GWALIOR (An Autonomous Institute under RGPV, Bhopal). Mini Project Report! " # $ % & ' * +,. / INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY DELHI November Submitted by Ashish Gupta () Manan Sanghi () This project deals with the development of such a tool which will assist in the implementation of the above methodology.

A minor project report on1
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