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The Board, or its Ethics Officer, may issue interpretative guidance relating to these principles. Neither the waiver of conference fees nor acceptance of a modest speakers-only meal constitutes "honoraria.

Designated Contractors and Consultants EC2 d defines the term "designated contractors and consultants" as those persons or business organizations with whom the Board enters into contracts for services, whom the Board or its designate determines should be subject to the Code, and for which the contract contains a provision expressly incorporating this Code in whole or in part.

Items, which are provided to all conference participants, including speakers, are not provided "in exchange for" a speech and thus not Aicpa spousal equivalent to be "honoraria. Investments a Except as provided in this Section, nothing in this Code prohibits Board members and staff, or their spouses, spousal equivalents, or dependents, from owning and holding securities including futuresreal estate, commodities including futuresexchange-traded options and other investments held for personal investment purposes, except that no Board member or staff may have any financial interest in a public accounting firm.

The general principles within this section form the basis for the ethics rules and standards of conduct contained in the Code. Tenth, the Board added a restriction on former Board members and professional staff participating in a matter they personally and substantially participated in while at the Board.

While the definition of "dependent" applies equally to minor or adult dependents, depending on their receipt of support from the Board or staff member, there may be situations in which it might be appropriate for the Ethics Code to apply differently in the case of an adult dependent who does not reside with the Board or staff member.

The proposing release provided a two-part test for designated contractors and consultants. All submissions should refer to File No. For initial disclosures, newly appointed members or newly hired professional staff have 60 days from the date of commencement of service with the Board to complete and file the necessary statements.

Subparagraph b contains two restrictions on former Board members and professional staff. Third, the Board decided to impose the obligation upon Board members and professional staff to disclose their personal investments, and those of their spouses, spousal equivalents and dependents, in the securities of issuers.

A note to the rule cross-references Rule ewhich provides that members of Board advisory groups are subject to certain provisions in the Ethics Code. Certification EC14 provides that Board members, staff, and designated contractors and consultants agree to comply with this Code at the commencement of their service with the Board and shall annually certify in writing their continuing compliance with it.

spousal equivalent

If a Board or staff member Aicpa spousal equivalent receiving pension payments, the funding for which is tied to the profitability of a former employer, that would constitute the type of financial interest requiring disclosure and recusal from matters involving that former employer pursuant to EC8 a.

As with other delegations of Board functions, Section g 2 of the Act will define the parameters of the delegation.

Solicitation of Comments Interested persons are invited to submit written data, views and arguments concerning the foregoing, including whether the proposed rules are consistent with the requirements of Title I of the Act.

Although this provision does not extend to non-professional staff, such staff should remain cognizant of corresponding duties imposed by EC3 and EC5.

Based on public comment, this subparagraph was extended to spouses, spousal equivalents, and dependents of Board members.A spouse, spousal equivalent, or dependent (regardless of whether the dependent is related).

Pronouncements issued by the division of professional ethics to provide guidelines concerning the scope and application of the rules of conduct. A contractual obligation to pay or right to receive money on demand or on a fixed or determinable.

The AICPA term “spousal equivalent” seems to be open to interpretation. Left to my own senses, I found in an internet search the Free Dictionary version of what a “spousal equivalent” is. According to the definition, a spousal equivalent is “a person (not necessarily a spouse) with whom you cohabit and share a long-term sexual.

The SEC now recognizes “spousal equivalents” defined as “cohabitants occupying a relationship generally equivalent to that of a spouse.” Before wondering if the federal government is making big strides, keep in mind that this recognition is limited to the new Family Office Rule .pdf).

Dodd-Frank created a new exemption for Family Offices. (b) Notwithstanding any other provision of this Code, no member of the Board or his or her spouse, spousal equivalent, or dependents may share in any of the profits of, or receive payments from, a public accounting firm, other than fixed continuing payments under standard arrangements for retirement from public accounting firms.

Because the AICPA and the SEC now recognizes spousal equivalents, at least according to this and this.

What is the deal with the term "spousal equivalent?" I live with my boyfriend and two friends. My boyfriend works as an auditor for an accounting firm, and this year and last year I've had to fill out a form stating which bank I use and.

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Aicpa spousal equivalent
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