An introduction to the issue of acid rain in todays environment

The chemicals in acid rain can cause paint to peel, corrosion of steel structures such as bridges, and erosion of stone statues. Climate changes like global warming is the result of human practices like emission of Greenhouse gases.

Environmental Problems

This process is performed gravitationally. This phenomenon destroys anything it touches or interacts with it. When this acid flows through the ground, it affects large number of plants, animals and aquatic life.

Acid deposition, acid rain and acid precipitation all relate to the chemistry of air pollution and moisture in the atmosphere.

Acid Rain ~ Environmental Issue

Soils naturally contain small amounts of poisonous minerals such as mercury and aluminium. Acidity is determined on the basis of the pH level of the water droplets. Even if a species of fish or animal can tolerate moderately acidic water, the animals or plants it eats might not.

Effects of Acid Rain

It enlarged a network of monitoring sites to determine how acidic the precipitation actually was, and to determine long-term trends, and established a network for dry deposition. Hydrogen chloride emission forms hydrochloric acid.

The burning of fossil fuels coal, oil and gas produces sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides which can increase the acidity of rain or other precipitation.

Vegetation Cover and Plantations: Data are available online at http: However, unpolluted rain can also contain other chemicals which affect its pH. Dirty water is the biggest health risk of the world and poses threat to the quality of life and public health.

These chemicals react with water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and sunlight in the atmosphere to form sulfuric and nitric acids. A pH level of 0 to 7 is considered acidic; 7 is neural; and a level above 7 is alkaline. These include wind energygeothermal energy, solar energyhydropower, and nuclear power.

As lakes and rivers become more acidic biodiversity is reduced.Acid rain is a known environmental problem that can have serious effect on human health, wildlife and aquatic species.

Water Pollution: Clean drinking water is becoming a rare commodity. Water is becoming an economic and political issue as the human population fights for this resource. An English scientist named Robert Angus Smith labeled the phenomenon of "acid rain" in During the late 19th century and the following decades, it was generally considered a limited and localized concern.

Why Is Acid Rain More of a Problem Today Than It Was Years Ago? Written by A. Lynn Cochran. The Effects on the Environment.

Effects of acid rain have on our health? Acid rain affects human being in many different ways. One main way is our health. Acid rain could also effect on the air which can makes the acid rain pollution.

What is Acid Rain?

Most of the breathing and lung problems in children and adults who have asthma were linked to acid air pollution. Effect on Aquatic Environment: Acid rain either falls directly on aquatic bodies or gets run off the forests, roads and fields to flow into streams, rivers and lakes.

Over a period of time, acids get accumulated in the water and lower the overall pH of the water body. With the increasing environmental awareness of the "unhealthy" condition of our planet earth the concern about acid rain has not lessened. In brief, acid rain is rain with pH values of less than When dealing with acid rain one must study and understand the process of making Sulfuric acid.

Acid Rain Lab Report Essay Sample

Acid rain is a rain or any other form of precipitation that is unusually acidic, meaning that it has elevated levels of hydrogen ions (low pH). It can have harmful effects on plants, aquatic animals and infrastructure. Acid deposition as an environmental issue (discussed later in the article) would include additional acids other than H 2 C.

An introduction to the issue of acid rain in todays environment
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