Beauty inside the beast

Cadenza sits on LeFou, who asks Gaston for help. When Belle asks about the rose, the objects say that the Prince will remain a beast forever if the last petal falls without him finding someone to love and to love him back, and that they will become inanimate.

He refuses so that he can go after the Beast. Maurice leads Gaston and LeFou into the forest as they try to find Beauty inside the beast path to the castle.

Lumiere guides Belle out of the dungeon and into a room in the East Wing. The two then meet in the staircase and walk into the ballroom as Cadenza plays a tune to accompany them "Beauty and the Beast".

The Prince tried to ask for Beauty inside the beast, but the Enchantress had already seen there was no love in his heart. She finds Maurice in the dungeon, where warns her to turn back.

Belle meets Lumiere and Cogsworth, despite initially being freaked out by a talking candelabra and clock. Potts, and Plumette all stand behind him and try to help, but Belle refuses to join the Beast as she is still tying ribbons together to make her rope.

The Beast agrees to the exchange and he lets Maurice go. Maurice is set to head to another town to sell his music boxes, and Belle asks him to bring back a rose, like he always does. The two were originally heads of the castle before the curse transformed them.

The Beast leaps to the next tower to be with Belle, only for Gaston to shoot him twice in the back moments later. He knows she misses her father, and he gives her the magic mirror to see him. Maurice is saved by a local beggar woman named Agathe Hattie Morahan and she tends to him.

She tells him to protect Belle, and all that was left behind was a glass rose, which Belle finds. Potts explains to Belle that the Beast was not always so unkind. Belle runs away and rides Philippe out of the castle grounds. He then brings Belle to see his enormous library, which he says can be hers now.

Potts pours hot tea on the attackers, Cadenza shoots his piano keys, Cogsworth sends flying books to hit the villagers, and Garderobe dresses three goons in powdered wigs, make-up, and gowns. Garderobe dresses Belle in a beautiful gown while Lumiere and the others try to properly groom the Beast.

Belle promises him she will find a way out of there. She takes out a pin so that Maurice can pick the lock. Maurice still refuses, so Gaston sends him away.

Belle returns home to her father Maurice Kevin Klinea music box maker. Belle cries over the Beast and tells him she loves him. The synopsis below may give away important plot points. The Beast then transforms back into his human self.

LeFou considers this to be too much, but he has no choice and must follow Gaston. He holds Gaston over a ledge as the coward begs for mercy, but spares his life and orders him to leave. They sing about their yearning to become human again "Days in the Sun"and we see the young Prince looking upon his mother on her deathbed before his father pulls him away.

Potts falls from the chandelier, but LeFou catches her and decides to switch sides. LeFou tries to cheer him up along with the other villagers by talking or rather, singing in detail about how great Gaston is "Gaston". Lumiere leads the objects in a dazzling musical number "Be Our Guest" as they boast about their fine dining.

We see the rose drops another petal, and as a result, the castle starts to shake and crumble a little. As the villagers enter, LeFou sees Mrs.Beauty and the Beast () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

Finding Beauty Inside the Beast A lot of my obsession with big, fancy cities has to do with the views and beauty of it all. Coming from such a small town in Iowa, I never really saw many big city lights, other than pictures of course.

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Vanir felt constriction all around his body, at least up to his groin now. That large beast dick had sucked him in to where now only his groin and legs were now visible.

Beauty inside the beast
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