Best science writers 2012 presidential election

But the G. The site will return to its original URL, www. Silver pointed out that conflicts with the police caused the sharpest increases in news coverage of the protests. I have tried to disclose as much about my methodology as possible". As of July, it had a staff of 20 writers, editors, data visualization specialists, and others.

Nate Silver

We learn about a handful of successes: House of Representativesand state Governorships. As reported in New York magazine: According to the model, at that time Barack Obama was projected to win electoral votes—21 more than the required for a majority.

This approach helped to stabilize his projections, because if there were few if any polls in a given state, the state forecast was largely determined by the regression estimate. Any time you make a prediction like that people give you probably too much credit for it Without a model as a fortification, we found ourselves rambling around the countryside like all the other pundit-barbarians, randomly setting fire to things".

Analysis of billions of Twitter words reveals how American English develops September 26, Linguists and geographers analysed 8. I vote for Democratic candidates the majority of the time though by no means always. Silver in Washington, D.

Top political scientists predict outcome of the 2012 presidential election

For each contest, FiveThirtyEight produced probability distributions and average expected vote shares per both of these models. According to the Foundation, "In his posts, former economic analyst and baseball-stats wunderkind Nate Silver explains the presidential race, using the dramatic tension inherent in the run-up to Election Day to drive his narrative.

Lewis-Beck, professor of political science at The accuracy of his predictions won him further acclaim, including abroad, [67] and added to his reputation as a leading political prognosticator. These include statistical analysis, but also data visualization, computer programming and data-literate reporting.

He also correctly predicted the winners of every U. He carried this approach one step further by also factoring national polling trends into the estimates for a given state.

Silver recalls the scenario: For example, Rasmussen Reports "missed on six of its nine swing-state polls". For his general election projections for each state, in addition to relying on the available polls in a given state and "similar states," Silver estimated a " regression " using historical voting information along with demographic characteristics of the states to create an estimate that he treated as a separate poll equivalent to the actually available polls from that state.

Most of the public polls pointed to a close race in North Carolina This is what allowed him to beat all the pollsters in his forecasts in the Democratic primaries in North Carolina and Indianafor example.

CU-Boulder analysis of election factors points to Romney win August 22, A University of Colorado analysis of state-by-state factors leading to the Electoral College selection of every U. This model, too, relied in part on demographic information but mainly involved a complex method of aggregating polling results.

That is, one in five visitors to the sixth-most-trafficked U. Huffington Post columnist Geoffrey Dunn described Silver as someone who "has never organized a precinct in his life, much less walked one, pontificating about the dynamics in the electoral processes as if he actually understood them.


Campbell and Michael S. The article stated that "the major reason Silver left was because he felt it was Thompson who had not committed to building his franchise. However, while adopting such an approach in his own analysis, Silver reasoned that there was additional information available in polls from "similar" states that might help to fill the gaps in information about the trends in a given state.

As a reviewer in The New York Times notes: Our team also has a broad set of skills and experience in methods that fall under the rubric of data journalism. This year, I have been a supporter of Barack Obama".

The majority of polling organisations in the UK use the concept of uniform swing to predict the outcome of elections. I am excited to talk to Nate when he finishes his book tour about ways to expand that kind of reporting.Twenty eminent election forecasters explain their forecasting models and offer their predictions for the US presidential election, in.

The site and its founder are best known for election forecasts, FiveThirtyEight writers Schaller, Gelman, and Silver also gave extensive November 6, Silver posted his final forecast for each state.

On the morning of the November 6, presidential election, Silver's model gave President Barack Obama a % chance of winning a Available in: English. On the morning of the November 6,presidential election, the final update of Silver's model at A.M.

gave President Barack Obama a % chance of winning a majority of the electoral votes. Official List of Write-In Candidates for the General Election Filing deadline October 19, Page 1 S:\Certification & Training\Candidate Filing\ Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Barack Obama and the If you're looking for an honest and concise summary of the presidential election beyond the partisan political spin, this is a must.

Sabato offers a number of essays from political writers on the election focusing on polls and research of data from the. 11 Authors Who Have Written Political Checks This Election.

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Writers typically have reputations for staying out of the public view and letting .

Best science writers 2012 presidential election
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