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Chocolates have usually been viewed as something meant only for children. The visicooler serves the need for cooling while still maintaining the visibility of the product. Keen not to overload its From the old man offering his wife a Dairy Milk chocolate to the dancing girl in a crowded stadium, all reflect the impulsiveness and the spontaneity of the child in Cadbury media planning adult.

The market therefore offers tremendous potential for growth. Visibility for chocolates drops in the summer, as they disappear into the refrigerator.

Based on their answers, followers were then hand-picked and allocated into specific circles which in turn became different interactive communities cantered around Cadbury products. However, with their understanding of the peculiarities of the Indian market, CIL Cadbury media planning also explored many new ways of getting their message across to the consumers.

Cadbury Chocolates Submitted By: A brand with a rich history and products enjoyed by millions, Cadbury is a likely candidate for success in social media marketing. Perhaps realizing that children would be attracted to any chocolate, irrespective of the brand, CIL targeted adults with their advertising since the early s.

So, how does Cadbury use Instagram? The Indian chocolate market is estimated to be worth Rs. It appealed to the child in every adult. The content posted on YouTube is a mixture between advertisements that are shared across all social media platforms and other marketing channels, along with content created specifically for the YouTube account.

One of the first big brands in the UK to use Instagram sponsored ads along with Waitrose, Channel 4 and Rimmel Cadbury has a clear strategy for marketing its brand and products on the social network. The posts are a mix of videos and images that are highly polished and professional, often showing Cadbury products being used in recipes or arranged into creative pictures and patterns.

Kraft Moves Media Buying for Cadbury to Publicis

Presence in Amusement Parks: These high visibility machines are provided at busy locations. The message that CIL seems to be attempting to put across is this: These are provided to small outlets, where they are prominently displayed. CIL is estimated to have a 65 percent share of the Indian chocolate market.

To counter Milkybar, CIL has the Dairy Treat - where it targets the mothers of children by trying to convey the message that its product is full of the goodness of milk, and so equivalent to consuming milk itself.

Cadbury has successfully shown how even the oldest brands can seamlessly incorporate newer forms of marketing into their strategies by listening to and engaging with their audience in order to create content that is unique and relevant.

They have also adapted their strategies to the unique demands of the Indian retail sector.

The strategy has clearly proved successful, as they have been able to build and maintain a leadership position in the market with many loyal customers. In particular, Cadbury employed the unique Google Hangouts feature as a way to generate different content for its profile on the site.

In fact, Cadbury has enjoyed such great returns from its investment in social marketing that it now prioritises this channel above traditional media channels.Cadbury's pre-merger media agency, Horizon, will stay on with media-planning business for Cadbury gum and confectionery brands.

"We welcome them to our agency roster," Ms. Moens said. Cadbury's philosophy of Vision into Action (VIA), a strategic plan for to is an example of how business strategy is translated to a Marketing plan to deliver positive impact to its revenue and margin performance.

Overall I think that Cadbury’s are pretty good on social media, particularly on Twitter, where they are posting on a regular basis and interacting lots with their followers. Though there is a lot of duplicated content across platforms and pages, this is understandable and it broadens the reach to different audiences.

Cadbury required a strategic marketing campaign involving media planning and buying, and digital creative, to drive engagement among consumers.

Kraft consolidates media buying at Cadbury

More 20th Century Fox App/ASO/Mobile Analytics. Media planning is generally the task of a media agency and entails finding media platforms for a client's brand or product to use. The job of media planning involves determining the best combination of media to achieve the marketing campaign objectives.

Cadbury Roses Chocolate | November | Pre Christmas media planning campaign | | Introduction Cadbury Roses Boxed chocolate is one of the famous Cadbury product range.

This boxed chocolate have filled New Zealand .

Cadbury media planning
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