Communication reflection paper

Personally, I realised that life becomes easier when you understand yourself and others better. I was realized both positive and negative aspects to using PowerPoint in the presentations. Developing strategies to manage stress levels is important in the work place.

This can sometimes discourage my audience and lead them to stop listening to the lecture altogether.

Communication Reflection Essay Sample

Another aspect that we discussed in class was about the different faces people may have in certain situations. The use of touch as a way of non-verbal communication is very important in caring. From this course I have discovered more information about interpersonal communication and being able to deal with conflict from my own experiences.

Anthony never did say what he wanted, but just accepted what was given him. This class is associated with communication.

Reflective Essay about Communication

I never paid attention before. In accordance with the NMC Code of Conduct, confidentiality shall be maintained, and all names all in this text have been changed to protect the identity. We both exchanged numbers because we enjoyed each others company which is a example of the nascent friendship stage.

Peter wrote down the topics from the slides and noted how many slides each topic had, and then divided the work by five, so that we had one topic each.

In a working environment defined by diversity, stress and uncertainty, it is not surprising that misunderstandings abound. Application papers were to better our understanding of the material covered in class and give example experiences that related to the material.

I felt empathetic towards the service user and sympathised with her condition. I informed her that I could not find the board as she was starting to be distressed and anxious. I am also aware now of how I should speak to people using my nonverbal codes so that they may understand me as well.

One of the aspects that we covered in class was more about friendships and stages of friendship development. I wrote my paper about how my friend Chelsea and I have gone through all of these stages. The stages of the friendship development include the role-limited interaction, friendly relations, moving toward friendship, nascent friendship, and stabilized friendship.

After everyone had a topic assigned, Peter asked if there were any questions or particular preferences. During practice, if I am approaching a patient and the patient looks anxious, I should approach with empathy.

I re-done the work and presented the story again. Express that I have just been through something big that warrants a moment for catching up and introspecting. East-West Center Poole, M. We accepted what we preferred or were given, there was little discussion about it, and we supposed that dividing the presentation into five parts was really the best solution.

Be positive to listen ,to show interest and concern C. I actual learned what good qualities make a good leader and make a person trustworthy. And this shows how important the communication is to build connections.

Reflective Essay on Communication

On the other hand,high self-orientation makes people think too much of themselves results in acting aloof, or above your employees, self-orientation does not make a leader. Most importantly,I will pay attention to my rules of life,I will ultimately drove me raise the passion for helping other people achieve their dreams since the volunteer jobs are my entire life careers I would care about what other people feel ,because I was so afraid of me wronged,so afraid of getting criticism and I occasionally still have some little rebellious heart, I could initially appears a little crabby, sarcastic, or distant.

Still I feel that I can be able to exhibit concise messages to people, clearly and efficiently. Finally, the last stage is stabilized friendship, this means you are able to see this relationship last. The therapeutic relationship is solely to meet the needs of the patient. Learning disabilities nurses care for people who may not be able to express their needs; therefore it is especially important for nurses to refine their communication skills.Reflection: Interpersonal communication skills Listening is an active and basic process that involves not only taking the content of the person speaking by looking at their body language and listening to their words, but also being perceptive.

Communication Reflection Essay Sample. In this assignment I will talk about my reflection upon the course since I joined and what I have learned from this.

View Communication Reflection Paper from COM at University of Rhode Island. Everyday people communicate with one another; they exchange ideas, information and %(6). Reflective Essay about Communication "The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said." Peter Drucker ( - ) Introduction.

Working in groups can be as easy as sitting down, discussing ideas, and reaching a consensus. It can also be as difficult as trying to speak to a bunch of aliens who do not share the same. Reflection Paper on Nonverbal Communication I learned a lot about Human Communication when I read the chapter about Nonverbal Communication.

Nonverbal Communication is the process of using messages that are not words to generate meaning.

Nonverbal Communication Reflection Paper

Reflection is important in communication - an extension of listening and a key interpersonal skill. Learn how to check that messages are correctly interpreted.

Communication reflection paper
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