Cultural anthropology exam 1 essay

Those in which descent groups play a major role in social organization The major difference between animism and animatism has to do with whether the supernatural force that occupies an entity is personal or impersonal and without identity A full-time religious specialist formally recognized for his or her role in guiding the religious practices of others is called a n priest or priestess Which of the following is not a change that affects women who become a Chan monastic?

Synchronic Relates to the way something is used at a certain point in time but in different context. What does this tell us about the functions of myths? Cultural anthropology exam 1 essay Dunham was the mother of which U. In which country did this occur?

Multiculturalism Multiculturalism involves all of the following except: Foreign military intervention A contract or formal agreement between two or more independent groups that are self-governing is called a n treaty Gandhi built a movement to fight colonial repression and injustice based on the concept of satyagraha.

Verbal The narratives that make up the verbal arts include all of the following except paintings In the myth of Tabaldak and Odziozo, Tabaldak first created the Abenakis from stone, and then from living wood. Applied Anthropology one of two dimensions.

Hero Myth Another origin myth, centralized though upon the ventures of one hero.

Anthropology Exam 1

The study of humanity. Holistic Applied anthropologist Paul Farmer is associated with all of the following except: Cultural Anthropology exam 1 Acculturation the exchange of cultural features that results when groups of individuals having different cultures come into continuous first hand contact; the original cultural patterns of either or both groups may be altered, but the groups remain distinct.

Prosperity In which urban area do we currently find some of the largest numbers of urban poor? Verbal words Tattoos are universal forms of body art that may initially date as far back as how many years ago?

Instead of eating sheep, they are eating guinea pig Tattoos communicate through all of the following except: Which of the following is not a commonly used material?

Acrostic A word that is derived from the first letter of a series of words. The social process by which culture is learned and transmitted across the generations. Sacred An attitude wherein the subject or object is set apart from the normal, everyday world and is entitled to reverence and respect.

Rites of purification When an individual undergoes rituals to celebrate birth, puberty, and marriage, he or she is practicing rites of passage The initiation rites for male Australian aborigines include a stage when they are isolated from the rest of society and undergo a cram course in tribal lore; the trauma associated with their ordeal is part of a teaching method that ensures that they will remember what they are taught.

Flood Myth Being related to dreams that happen when the person has a full bladder. A xenophobic policy that would work to help countries seal their national borders and begin to work to improve the lives of their citizenry only There are just under formally admitted members of the U. Displacement The ability to use symbols to refer to things and activities that are remote from the user.

Congo In cases of warfare in regions deemed strategically important or rich in natural resources, what additional action is also most likely to occur today? The widespread occurrence of shamanism and the remarkable similarities between shamanistic traditions wherever found are consequences of universal neurological inheritance Which of the following is not a major form of establishing spiritual lineage?

Traditional war dance and song All of the following statements about cultural change are correct except: Revolutions The development of a bureaucracy, expansion of educational opportunities, reduction in the spheres of social behavior in which religion and kinship play a role, and achievement replacing ascription as the basis for defining roles are all associated with Modernizations Major changes in Skolt Lapp society occurred because Snowmobiles were introduced to herd reindeer Which strategy did the Jivaroan-speaking Shuar of Ecuador not use to preserve their culture?

Bicarbonate Which of the following is not a common depiction of Bushmen rock art? Totem A symbol or emblem that stands for a social unit. Legends A traditional story about past events that is considered to be true; usually contains an element of reality— a known character, event, or place.

Cultural Anthropology exam 1

Openness A feature of symbols; the ability to create new symbols. Culture Human beliefs and behaviors of a society that are learned, transmitted from one generation to the next, and shared by a group of people.

Rate of change accelerated during the past 10, years.

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Similar stories may be found throughout the world: Learned through both direct and indirect observation Psychic Unity of Man acknowledges individuals vary in emotional and intellectual tendencies and capacities- example of the two families that switched children Symbols verbal and nonverbal, they have an associative meaning to something.

Collective Conscious A set of beliefs shared by members of a social group that functions to limit the natural selfishness of individuals and promote social cooperation. Participant Observation A research method whereby the anthropologist lives in a community and participates in the lives of the people under study while at the same time making objective observations.

Accommodation Traditions play an important role in all aspects of cultural change; however, among those listed below, they are most significant in Accommodation In the s, the children of many middle- and upper-class families, trying to come to terms with the disparity between the ideologies expressed by their parents e.

Ethnography The descriptive study of human societies.Using one’s own culture as the basis for interpreting and judging other cultures.

Cultural Relativism Attempting to analyze and understanding cultures other than one’s own without judging them in terms of one’s own culture. Free Essay: GED Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Unit 2 Exam Follow Below Link to Download Tutorial.

– Both language and culture are part of symbolic thought. – Language influences culture (talking about someone before meeting them). – Culture influences language (70 words to decribe beer in Germany). - Medical Anthropology Introduction and Description: My topic, Medical Anthropology, is a field of study that uses culture, religion, education, economics/infrastructure, history, and the environment as a means to evaluate and understand "cross-cultural perspectives, components, and interpretations of the concept of health" (Society for Medical.

Prepare examples to back up possible answers. Compare, contrast, & set in overarching framework the following items: Anthropology 1. Cultural anthropology (and the other three subfields) - biological/physical, archaeology, linguistic %(3).

Cultural Anthropology exam 1 Acculturation the exchange of cultural features that results when groups of individuals having different cultures come into continuous first hand contact; the original cultural patterns of either or both groups may be altered, but the groups remain distinct.

Cultural anthropology exam 1 essay
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