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A big factor that contribute to graduates not finding employment was that they did not Employability research papers soft skills. Relationship between graduateness and employability Glover, Law and Youngman, linked graduateness and employability as follows as cited in Chetty n.

She describes basic academic skills as those skills required to perform well in a job while higher-order thinking skills is essential for logical thinking, sound decision-making and to solve problems in order to progress. His findings indicated that students felt that EL provided the necessary impact in obtaining employment emphasise the relevance of EL.

Research suggests that graduates from working class backgrounds tend to perform less well in the labour market in terms of both obtaining employment and earnings than their middle—class counterparts see for example Marshall et al.

In order to carry out the user survey for the purpose of determining the employment expectations of the information specialist candidates, a survey method was applied to the undergraduate students who are on the point of being graduated from Information Employability research papers Records Management Department of Ankara University.

Global economic forces and advances in technology are ensuring that the requirement for graduates with the acquired knowledge and skills are provided for in an extensive assortment of occupations.

They indicate that globally employment structures has moved from manual labour to jobs which require higher skills levels which does provide the necessary opportunities for graduates. With a focus on the rationale behind the approach they adopt, we wanted to find out how this may contribute to their disadvantage in the labour market.

From February to Maywe examined how working class students make career decisions. About this resource This Business essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. He claimed that in order to enhance employability the attainment Employability research papers practical work related experience and job knowledge will give graduates that vital edge when competing in the job market.

According to Harveyp. The literature also revealed that no research exists that sufficiently link graduate employability directly to open distance learning institutions.

The questionnaire study tried to evaluate the expectations of information specialists who are ready to start professionally in the business life. During her research Krussp. He stated that based on evidence it is vital for institutions, especially open distance learning institutions to include experiential learning in their business management modules.

Within the scope of various activities organized in the field of Information and Records Management in recent years, it is observed that the processes related to employment problems are being started to be handled frequently.

Mismatches between employer expectations and learning institution output also contributed significantly to the lack of graduate employability. Graduates now need to have relevant competencies. Careers Advisers and staff at Edge Hill University are engaged in research into employability.

However Moleke as cited in Nel and Neale-Shuttep. The burden is therefore now on the institution to assume the role of developing students into skilled employees that was previously achieved by experience in the work place after graduating shifting from indirect to direct employability.


Existing evidence suggests that working class students are disadvantaged in the graduate labour market because they lack the economic, social and cultural capital possessed by their middle class peers. Employability is however built into training programmes through employment linked projects, placement opportunities and work-shadowing.

The Greenbank and Hepworth study examined the extent to which the way working class students approached career decision-making might contribute to their disadvantage in the labour market.

Employability Research

Findings from their study concluded that distance learning programmes in Malaysia have been producing quality graduates who satisfied the needs of a large number of employers and these graduates compared favourably with graduates from conventional institutions.

The study is based on three research projects: There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. Involve s self-belief and an ability to secure and retain employment. Provisions are also being made for working adults to study part time while maintaining a full time job Lim et al p.

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At the end of the study, the portraits between the findings and the present situation obtained by the survey technique are presented, suggesting that the information specialists should be guided by an integrated approach to Employability research papers current technological methods and to determine the common strategies that deal with the whole of the professional stakeholders and to act with the emphasis on unity.

The primary focus of their research was to assess strategies to enhance employability of graduates. Further learning Two views are being analysed where the one holds that further development should take place after graduation whilst the other opinion places emphasis on the achievement of graduation but also taking cognisance of continuous learning.

Employability Numerous factors have contributed to a changing work environment moving away from the traditional concept to a more contemporary world of work. Employability skills Possessing skills such as generic, core or key skills that organisations are looking for. He also argued that by definition it is implied that recruiters and employers know what skills are required and have the tools to identify these attributes.

He argued however that graduates might have obtained these skills before higher education and just needs further development, may be in the process of being developed or might not have these skills at all.

Open distance learning provide opportunities to those who previously did not have the opportunity to access higher learning and allows for flexibility in terms of time, speed, method of learning and provide freedom of selection Nenzhelelep.

They describe graduate employability as a blend of personal attributes, understandings, skilful practices and the ability to reflect productivity on experience.

Timing The timeframes involved in obtaining a job post graduating and not requiring retraining c.Research & White Papers At Pearson, we aim to deliver and apply research to help improve employability and career readiness.

Our vision is to turn ideas into practical and usable learning innovations. Download some of these reports and white papers to see how you can implement these ideas and solutions. Order ‘Employability is having a set of skills, knowledge, understanding and personal attributes that make a person more likely to choose and secure occupations in which they can be satisfied and successful’ (Pool and Sewell, ) Type of paper Content (Any Type) Subject Accounting Number of pages 5 Writer level University Format of [ ].

Is there any fundamental theory for measuring and analyzing students' employability? My research addresses employability from the psychological, career development perspective, which is more.

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Employability research papers
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