Essay on place of english language in pakistan

Pakistani English

The misuse of power has been institutionalised by the rise of mafias who gain access to the political system. After that, the Vedic period came. Presumably not even useful for leisure.

Then translations of science books in English from other languages are continuously pouring in and are being made available everywhere. Considering the importance and usefulness of English in our personal and national life, it will be suicidal to make it an optional subject lay less stress on it in our education system.

Essay on the Importance of English in Pakistan

People in Pakistan are in continuous contact with international traders and all of them have to communicate in English. It was also a member between andit was excluded in for a time but again became a member in In fact, because it is so dominant in international communication, you will find more information regarding nearly every subject if you can speak this language.

Main elements of these studies are summarised below State power is used only for the benefit of the elite and does not protect citizens from the excesses of the powerful.

People started shifting from the local Urdu medium education to the British education system. In digits Standard English. English continues to be the source of communication in both the private and government offices.

The British education system was introduced after few years of independence. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. Usually though not always in the context of starting something for the first time. Rather its studies should be regularized and promoted at all levels throughout the country.

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Now we have set Up many industries in the country due to the efforts of the people resources. English should be used as a medium of education but the value of the mother language Urdu should not be undermined Related Articles: These are some search terms: Originated from the military term of similar meaning.

Pakistan Essay

Go ahead, watch some media, and get an idea of the language. Use of double and triple for numbers occurring twice or three times in succession, especially for a phone number: While Pakistani speakers of English use idioms peculiar to their homeland often literal translations of words and phrases from their native languagesthis is far less common in proficient speakers, and grammar tends to be quite close to that of Standard English but exhibiting some features of American English.

The earthquake in with its earthquake center in Kashmir is the strongest so far. Grammar[ edit ] The role of English within the complex multilingual society of Pakistan is far from straightforward: Madam has ordered me to get the figures for last years sales.

For example, "These people will cheat you like anything". Sc Class Study Helping Notes The strategy for the devolution process has been shaped by the past experience including issues relating to centralised and top-down decisionmaking, haphazard planning, weak accountability and financial management, and lack of transparency and citizens participation.

Countries where English is either the national language or an official language. Local governments are more likely to engage in participatory procedures that can identify local priorities and provide feedback on actual implementation progress and difficulties. The principles of across the board accountability and public participation underpin the reforms process with the focus on improving the public sector service delivery mechanisms.

Since independence, Urdu was promoted to become the language to be used in all factions of the country. Karachi is main Seaport of Pakistan.

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This is due to the verbs for smoking being the same as the verbs for drinking in Urdu and other Pakistani languages. Although the national language of Pakistan is Urdu but still English is very much significant and carries immense weightage and importance in Pakistan. It is possible for anyone in any country or corner of the world to correspond and trade internationally in English.As time is passing, the language of the English men and Americans seems to grow in significance.

English is becoming the most common form of communication in the world and most of the countries in Essay on the Importance of English in Pakistan. The national language of Pakistan is Urdu and there are many languages spoken in the country.

Pakistan once had one of the most burgeoning economies of the world, but now everything is going towards utter devastation and destruction. Paragraph/Short Note/Essay on my city Attock; English Grammar Course Outline Army Public.

Pakistani English or Paklish is the group of English language varieties spoken and written English language continues as the language of power and is also the language with the maximum cultural capital of any language used in Pakistan.

It remains much in demand in higher education in Number — Often used in place of "marks" in an. Jan 31,  · The Place of English in Pakistan English may be a foreign language, but it is international in its significance.

It is rightly taken as the lingua franca, the common language, for all parts of the world today. Jul 10,  · A discussion of the importance of the English language. English is also essential to the field of education. In many countries, children are taught and encouraged to learn English as a second mint-body.coms: Place an Order; Instant price.

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The Importance of the English Language in Today's World

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Essay on place of english language in pakistan
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