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There is a chance that you kid can have it if you are a carrier for the Disease. One of the most common questions asked is that do all people that have Fragile X Syndrome have autism.

Two goals have been identified for this nursing diagnosis; Our clients short term goal related to this NDX is that the client will alert parents or staff, and successfully use the toilet each time he needs to during the day.

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Females have a better outlook, just as they are less likely to be effected or as severely effected. Treatment Modalities There is no cure for Fragile X Syndrome, but with enough support, progress can be made. He has several characteristics of autism and ADHD.

He does not engage with other children at day care unless he is prompted, and sometimes becomes agressive when he can not express himself to others. Such individuals are typically intellectually normal.

Our client is currently enrolled in a day care facility that specializes in teaching students with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. Healthy humans all have 46 chromosomes, two of which are sex chromosomes; females have two X chromosomesand males have an X and a Y chromosome.

Our client has shows the greatest deficits in physical development, speech, and social development. The female gets the whole apple, the male gets half of the apple; the male is twice as likely to have the worm in the first bite he takes than the female is.

The FMR1gene is responsible for instructions for making protein FMRP which help in regulating the production of other proteins and in the development of synapses, specialized links between nerve cells.

There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. For the clients first year, his doctor decided that it would be best to just observe the clients behavior and development to see if there might actually be a problem, or if he was just a little behind.

Fragile X Syndrome

About 1 in women carry fragile X and could pass it to their children. Conclusion Our client was diagnosed with Fragile X at the age of one and a half years old, which is earlier than average.

Our clients parents have been attending a support group for parents who have children with intellectual dissabilities as well as seeing a counselor to help them cope with the emotional toll it is taking oth them.

The client has also reached the less significant milestones late as well; holding his head up, rolling over, and holding objects in his hands, among others. The most common cause of mental retardation is known as Fragile X Syndrome.

The parents and staff at the day care he attends are encouraging him to use the toilet every time he needs to, and are using animal crackers as reinforcement; each time he successfully uses the toilet, he gets 3 animal crackers.

He wears pull ups at night and to day care, and home during the day at home he wears underwear; he is expected to let his parents and caregivers at daycare know when he needs to use the toilet. He has a bright outlook considering his diagnosis.

Search our thousands of essays: Fragile X is an inherited symdrom caused by the FMR1 gene. He began sitting independently at 11 months old, crawled at 15 months old, and began walking at 21 months old.

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The effects can range from undetectable to severe. Males diagnosed with Fragile X have an average IQ of between 45 and It normally affects more males than females. Prevalence Our client is approximately one out of four thousand males who have been diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome.

The client is slightly delayed when cognitive development is considered as well. Our client exhibits the large forehead and ears, elongated face, and double-jointedness, although he is still developing physically and these traits are likely to change as he grows.

Males are nearly twice as likely to be effected by the mutated gene than females.Fragile X syndrome [FXS] is associated with the growth of the CGG trinucleotide repeat that affects the fragile X mental retardation 1 [FMR1] on the X chromosome and results in a failure to easily express the fragile retardation X mental retardation protein [FMRP] essential for normal neural development.

Fragile X Syndrome: A Genetic Disorder Fragile X is a genetic disorder that causes mental retardation. It is the most common cause of mental impairment. It can cause things as simple as learning disabilities all the way to things like intellectual disabilities like mental retardation. Fragile X Syndrome is also the most common cause of people with /5(1).

Essay on Fragile X Syndrome Words | 6 Pages. mental impairment is Fragile X Syndrome. Fragile X Syndrome is a mental retardation that affects social, learning and intellectual disabilities.

It is a result of a change and mutation in a single gene, which can be pasted on to future generations. Fragile X Syndrome and Its Impact on Children's Language Individuals who have no apparent signs of this genetic condition can pass on fragile X in a family.

The damaged gene can be passed along silently for generations before a child is affected by the syndrome.

Some people have normal sex chromosomes but people that have Fragile X Syndrome, they have a bend in their X chromosomes.

Fragile X Syndrome - Essay Example

Just because one of your children had Fragile X Syndrome doesn't mean that the rest of your kids has to have it. Essay: Fragile X Syndrome Abstract Fragile X is an inherited chromosomal mutation that is proven to be the second most common cause of intellectual disability after autism.

Fragile x syndrome essay
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