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In order to love your country, you need to be satisfied with the choices they make, and without the legalisation of gay marriage one could never love this country. Imagine if Gay marriage oral presentation came up to you and said directly to your face.

Children are an innocent part of this whole situation, as are homosexuals themselves. For same-sex couples, this is not the case.

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A form of discrimination I have experienced is the name calling of people whom have red hair. You cannot do sport because I have a back injury. This leaves homosexuals not ever having the complete state of health that they could have if they were allowed to marry the one they loved. Despite the fact not all of you in this room would have experienced love, but just try and imagine this for a second.

It seems just the tiny bit ridiculous that fashion seems to be overviewed and changed more frequently than the obvious discrimination towards ones sexuality. When married to someone, you automatically gain access to medical information when needed about your partner due to you being known as family.

Despite the fact that same-sex couples already have legal rights, the rights are not equal to Gay marriage oral presentation couples. What will it lead to next? Society itself would become a much more negative place to be if discrimination is encouraged.

It is a common thought that same-sex marriage could harm society, however legalising same-sex marriage will not disadvantage society in any way shape or form. The Christian faith is very damning of same sex marriage. Human rights alone are supposed to grant everyone with equal rights without discrimination, but by not allowing homosexuals to marry only based on the fact that they are not heterosexual is completely unreasonable and is a breach of human rights.

It is a claim that same-sex couples have equal rights; however this is not the case. This for many hit close to home, due to New Zealand being a neighbouring country to Australia. When comparing unmarried couples and married couples a number of health benefits have been shown including both physical and psychological benefits for married couples.

In the last decade there have been around an equal amount of laws passed and denied in different countries. Same-sex marriage should be allowed in all countries and everywhere around the world. People are people whoever they love, and nobody has the right to decide their fate.

You cannot eat that cookie because I am on a diet. There is a great social significance to same-sex marriage. Legal benefits are another major aspect of this debate. So the choice is yours you can either hide away scared of difference, or you can stand up and make a difference.

Same-sex marriage will lead Australia into the modern world and make many dreams come true. Therefore, same-sex couples are at a terrible disadvantage due to not having the opportunity to gain these health benefits that heterosexual couples have to opportunity to grasp.

How would one explain this to their children? On April the 17thNew Zealand broke the chains of the ancient times and legalised same-sex marriage. Legalising same-sex marriage will lead to health benefits for same sex couples.

This is another example of a negative experience of discrimination. To have to live in a society that discriminates based on what cannot be changed, and prevents people from having better health and equal rights. The reason I have chosen pictures of people holding up signs and people protesting is to prove that others care about this and so should you.

But one thing stopped you from celebrating this in a way that your relationship is then acknowledged, the Australian laws. If anything, banning same sex marriage fosters discrimination within society.Transcript of Gay Marriage Presentation Same-sex couples will feel more accepted by society.

Society has a moral duty to help LGBT individuals by providing them equal rights. Free Essay: gay marriage in Australia Hello fellow classmates and Ms Argus today I will be talking about the topic of gay marriage in Australia.

First of all. Gay Marriage Essay - This presentation gives clear instructions on how to write essay on Gay Marriage step by step. The PowerPoint PPT presentation: "Same Sex Marriage" is the property of its rightful owner.

Do you have PowerPoint slides to share? If so, share your PPT presentation slides online with Jul 30,  · This presentation was given to a class of mainly conservative Mormons in Taylorsville Utah on July 29, on the Salt Lake Community College Campus.

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Gay Marriage Presentation. Oral Presentation. Should Australia legalise same-sex marriage? In order to love your country, you need to be satisfied with the choices they make, and without the legalisation of gay marriage one could never love this country.

On April the 17thNew Zealand broke the chains of the ancient times and legalised same-sex marriage. Sep 20,  · Why gay marriage could be a reality in PH - Duration: ABS-CBN News 21, views. Persuasive Presentation - Blood Donation - Duration: R J Craigviews.

Gay marriage oral presentation
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