Getting on the right track at general motors

I think, a pretty broad-based question, Brian. I mean, we can see from the equity income, China is doing fantastic, but any sort of update on what you used to call consolidated international operations? Ryan Brinkman - JPMorgan Securities LLC You guys have been very proactive in recent years about exiting under-earning or loss-making geographies, and I think have been rightly given a lot of credit relative to some of your competitors in this respect.

Stevens - General Motors Co. Chuck will get into a bit more of the details in his remarks in a few minutes. And how should we be thinking about, with all the content coming in, the contribution cost side of things?

Contact us to add your company to our coverage or use transcripts in your business. First, is this not just the tip of the iceberg on the ways that GM can work with Amazon on logistics and customer experience, content delivery.

The Cadillac XT4 began the cadence of new models averaging one new vehicle every six months through We see a huge opportunity to grow our volume, grow our profitability. Price on majors will offset or more than offset material on majors.

And we will share more. Like, do you get paid per delivery, per car, per month? And then one question for you, Chuck. In Korea, we have negotiated on a historic labor agreement, which was ratified early this morning by union members.

You next question comes from the line of Emmanuel Rosner with Guggenheim. This was driven by factors specific to Q1, downtime for truck changeover, elevated capital spending and working capital timing.

The relative weakness in Q4 is driven by additional downtime in preparation for the new truck launch. Our press release was issued this morning, and the conference call materials are available on the GM Investor Relations website.

Included in the chart set materials published this morning, we have the key takeaways from each chart in the notes pages in order to provide color on the results. And just lastly, any quick color on progress on AV development? As expected, our newest crossovers and SUVs are driving growth. And we would expect to see an improvement on a run rate basis rest of the year in fixed costs, largely as we cycle through manufacturing launch costs and continue to drive efficiency in the organization.All the latest and breaking news from the world of General Motors.

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General Motors (GM) Q1 2018 Results - Earnings Call Transcript

Stevens - General Motors Co. I would say, for modeling purposes, if you just put $2 billion in your model for Corporate spending, I think you'll be reasonably close for the year.

Raw materials are getting pricier for General Motors and a new car could soon cost you more too. The largest U.S. automaker said Wednesday it's prepared to pass along a jump in commodity costs.

General Motors is home to Buick, Cadillac, GMC and Chevrolet. Find the latest news about GM automotive innovations, investor relations and more. Learn about our company’s rich history and dedication to community, sustainability and personal mobility efforts. Image source: General Motors.

Why the driverless-car market matters to GM. In the coming years, autonomous vehicles (AVs) will create a massive opportunity for GM.

Getting on the right track at general motors
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