How to write a good meta description 2012 chevy

Like it sounds, the title tag is a piece of code that identifies the title of the web page.

The Complete Guide to Mastering Your Meta Tags

And once you get them to the website, you want to keep them there. Google has long held that meta descriptions do not impact search engine rankings. His point in the article was that Google uses two user metrics in search ranking. Make Them The Correct Length.

We respect your privacy. Plus, long titles may get cut off and omit important words at the end. Where the title tag is very limited, a meta description gives you a bit more space to summarize each page.

The displayed portion of the meta description in the search results is instrumental in increasing click thru rate from the search results to your website. The language in your meta description should introduce the user to what the page is about.

So your titles are more likely to make an impact if you include the most important words first. If the user is going to the trouble of clicking on it, he or she wants to make sure that the page really is about what they are interested in.

By the time a user finishes reading your description, they should be curious about what the page will say about the topic.

Some SEOs advocate using a call-to-action in the description. Write for people Too often, businesses are so focused on optimization and trying to climb in the rankings that they forget their website needs to speak to real people, not just robots.

It should read well and, ultimately, entice the visitor to want to click into your site. But gone are the days when throwing long lists of keywords into a meta tag could move your site to the first page of Alta Vista, Excite or Webcrawler.

These words should be associated with his or her query. He is the founder and CEO of Pole Position Marketing, a web presence optimization firm whose pit crew has been velocitizing websites since In the first image above, you can see pretty much the full description displayed.

Give people a reason and an incentive to actually click on your page. Google Webmaster Tools Image from Moz. The better it reads, the more searchers will click, if the information matches their search intent.

It is completely ignored. You also want people to click through to your website.

Once you have them hooked, the rest is a piece of cake!Moving forward, whenever you or a writer you’ve hired puts together a new page of content, it’s a good idea to have them write a meta description in the resource’s details page of the Shopify admin.

How To Write A Meta Description That Gets Click-Throughs or not a result gets clicked on is one of Google’s and Bing’s first clues about whether any given result is a good match to a query. Sep 19,  · Title, Meta Description and text on page the same, is this good for SEO?

May Posts 31 Don't forget to optimize your image for speed (reduce the image file size), write a good Alt tag explaining what the image is while using your keyword or a synonym and add a good title. Anchor Text. To me, anything related to automation is probably NOT reliable!

You need to use your intelligence to rewrite a good title, meta & description. Don't ever overook the things, as a well-written title is worth half value of the whole content that comes after it.

Write Effective Meta Descriptions for Better Search Engine Ranking Search engines use the Meta description tag in their results, so this is an important tag to get right in your Web pages. Write your Meta description like a sentence, describing what visitors can expect to find on the page after they click through from the search engine.

How To Write Meta Descriptions And Why It’s Important. there’s a pretty good chance those keywords have been successful and it would be good to include them in your meta description.

Do you have any other tips to add on how to write a meta description? If so, I’d love to hear about them below!

How to write a good meta description 2012 chevy
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