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From new foods to industry advancements to innovative gadgets, the s saw the invention of many products still popular in Inthe jet engine was invented.

Charles Darrow invented Monopoly inthe same year that FM broadcasting was developed and Carlton Magee invented the first parking meter. Also inErnest Lawrence invented the cyclotron, also known as the atom smasher, and Jacob Schick invented the electric razor.

Earlier in the decade, Karl Landsteiner received the Nobel Prize for Medicine for discovering blood types. In spite of the hardships brought about by these events, the decade was fairly productive in terms of inventions. Jacob Schick gave the world a better way to shave with the invention of the electric razor in Soon after this, transporting people Inventions during the 1920s essay caught on although only the upper-class people could afford it, it soon became accessible to almost everyone.

There are many inventions that totally changed how we live like the first modern day traffic light in invented by William Potts. The Qtip was also invented in by Leo Gerstenzang. With so many vehicles on the roads, roads needed to become bigger and better which spawned a nation wide road construction.

Changing the Lives of Women The impacts and assistance the automobile provided women in the s in gaining equality to men is very often overlooked although it was a very important aspect. Airplane the first radios were created they were big, bulky and got poor reception.

The flavored powder that changed the way kids across the US drank water. The original band-aid was little more than a piece of tape with a cotton ball stuck to the middle.

In the first pop up toaster was invented by Charles Strite. The creation of the Model-T changed the lives of every American. The first test was done on a man named Leonard Thompson in early Vehicles were looked at as a way of freedom and excitement. It was a large contraption that contained 3 vents that would blow air to quickly dry a new hairstyle.

Earle Dickson came along later in with the first band-aid. In the radio was improved lightweight, small and got good reception. Charles Richter developed his Richter Scale to measure the strength of earthquakes in The demand for vehicles sparked a whole new industry, creating jobs, more revenues and improving the American economy in every way.

Potts from everyone that has ever received a ticket after running a red light. Many people have become so accustom to the use of automobiles that they are unable to walk or use a bicycle Berger. InClarence Birdseye introduced his new frozen foods to the market, and Ruth Wakefield invented both the chocolate chip and the chocolate chip cookie.

The first 3D movie was invented in by the Luminiere brothers. They release many harmful pollutants into the atmosphere and produce smog in large cities causing respiratory distress in those with weaker immune systems.

InChester Carlson invented the photocopier, Laszlo Biro invented the ballpoint pen and Nestle developed instant coffee. Transportation was successfully mastered. Also in the car radio was invented by William Leer. What Were Some Inventions of the s? Radio In one of the biggest life saving inventions was created.

DDT, a pesticide that is now banned, was invented that year, as well as the first commercial helicopter. Originally a tooth pick with a cotton ball wrapped around the end it was used by Mr. Edward Perkins invented Kool Aid in ! Once they are too old to run they are left to rot and litter in scrapyards and forests.

In this year Henry Ford created the first affordable, combustion engine car called the Model-T.s Essay. riots and a. What main ideas prompted the Red Scare?

b. Compare and contrast the Red Scare with Social Darwinism. (6a) 3. Immigration- Immigration was a contentious issue for the country during the s; the United States passed the National Origins Act in a. One of the best trends were all of the new inventions being created.

Inventions including the Band-Aid, the Iron Lung, and even Bubblegum! These are three of the many inventions created during the ’s, and many are still to come.

Oct 20,  · Popular Pastimes During S popularity did decline after the late s Another Americans pastime was the game of contract bridge.

What Were Some Inventions of the 1930s?

It was invented in the 's and in the following decades it. Technology in the 's Major technological events and developments of the ’s In the s the creation of technological advancements was the most exciting development for that time.

There were many types of new things that were invented by many scientists and other creative thinkers/5(1). The s Essay Words | 8 Pages. The ’s The ’s where a time of conservatism, it was a time of great social change.

From the world of fashion to the world to politics, forces clashed to produce the most explosive decade of the century. The impacts and assistance the automobile provided women in the s in gaining equality to men is very often overlooked although it was a very important aspect. The automobile provided women with the opportunity to leave the house with ease and join men in the public sector and in a more masc.

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