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Lewis listen to concerns and made sure shared work problems. This is not an opera house. A staff will show increased confidence to achieve work outcome when they receive support from the leader.

They share work problems and solicit suggestions in an effort to include the entire organization in the decision-making process.

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In order to improve sales in the company, Jeanne need to develop an effective and strong marketing-communication strategy. She has to clarify staff performance goal, providing guidance on how employees can complete task; clarifying performance standards and expectations; use of positive and negative rewards contingent on performance.

Path goal theory case study

Since communication is such a large and nebulous field, Jeanne needs to develop a communication strategy which will steer the organization into achieving the intended mission.

The modified communication strategy adopted while relating with the subordinates was primarily by use of dialogue and discussions. This approach is appropriate owing to various factors. When she was put in charge of this department, the stores were underperforming and needed results fast.

When she took over the merchandise department she emphasized excellence.

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Essay UK - http: An effective communication strategy will encompass such disciplines as integration, objective clarifications, multimedia usage and driving communication under result-oriented basis Papa et al, Beautiful on the outside the tragedy of.

For example, this is attained where Lewis deliberately uses verbal communication among the members of the merchandising as well as operations dockets which she leads.

Conclusion Reward schemes, training, motivation, report analysis and direct contact with employees were the best exemplifications of the path goal theory in the Jeanne Lewis case study. Lack of clarity in these roles as well as responsibilities to be carried out contributes to communication failure Miller, Several communication barriers exist at Staples.

Jeanne Lewis at Staples Inc. Essay

She had to focus on using directional leadership, in Mrs. Through strategic thinking, she was able to devise methods to build on consumer loyalty and possibly attract new clienteles.

Leadership style adopted by Lewis is vital in shaping the perceived innovative culture among the stakeholders. The pertinent conditions present in the environment which could limit the achievement of the communication goals of Jeanne Lewis included the ideas and perception advanced by the employees of the organization.

She was then later promoted to merchandising dept as vice president and divisional merchandising. How to cite this page Choose cite format: As a result, as evidenced from the case the employees are thus not aware of the person to receive orders and instruction from.

This helped employees to feel ownership and have a sense of belonging in the company which motivated them even further. Lewis conducted a different approach with her leadership behavior; she asked a lot of question and hung around the staff to learn from their knowledge.

Secondly is to assess the support that people have from the larger company.Jeanne Lewis, by any measure of the imagination is any prospective employer's dream team member.


She was committed, articulate, productive, smart, sensitive, motivated, and responsive to challenges. According to Peter Drucker (), “Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results, not attributes”.

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That is, when one places something before the choice to be ethical, ethical behavior itself is lost completely.

Path – Goal Theory and the Jeanne Lewis Case Essay

The staff behavior to the techniques will be explained in relation to path-goal theory. The "Jeanne Lewis Case", will explain the aspects or relationship of staff behavior to characteristics of the path-goal theory. Communication as it applies to the Jeanne Lewis at Staples Case.

Q1&2: Several communication barriers exist at Staples. Ideally these barriers are as a result of diverse perception between Jeanne Lewis and other employees.

Through selective perception, the employees choose to take the details which seem important to them. In the path-theory preferring to “Jeanne Lewis case”, she used several behavior techniques to influence her staff.

The staff behavior to the techniques will be explained in relation to path-goal theory. The “Jeanne Lewis Case”, will explain the aspects or relationship of staff behavior to characteristics of the path-goal theory.

Jeanne lewis team essay
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