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It is not the CIA sending a woman in a short skirt. Early the next morning, Miss W told police, she had gone to buy breakfast before getting back into bed and falling asleep beside Assange. Prosecution documents seen by the Guardian record that he was due to be interviewed on 14 October.

The only proper response to what Julian Assange did is definitely not for U. The ruling upheld the principle of non-refoulementwhich prohibits signatories of the American Convention on Human Rights from deporting foreign individuals when such a deportation would likely lead to their persecution "on account of race, nationality, religion, social status or political opinions".

That evening, Miss A held a party at her flat. And I have faith that when you planned this game you took into consideration the consequences", the ambassador told Assange.

If he knows it will do more damage than good, he has an obligation not Julian assange hero or criminal my release it. They also say that in a text message to a friend, she never suggested she had been raped and claimed only to have been "half asleep".

Proponents of his cause believe that the right to freedom of information outweighs the potentially dangerous effects of revealing US military strategy, pointing to the fact that none of the published cables were kept at the highest levels of secrecy, inferring from this that nothing truly sensitive has been revealed.

The pair went back to her flat in Enkoping, near Stockholm. According to her statement she "tried to put on some articles of clothing as it was going too quickly and uncomfortably but Assange ripped them off again".

Assange denied the allegations and said he was happy to face questions in Britain. However, Assange and his lawyers have repeatedly stressed that he denies any kind of wrongdoing in relation to Miss W. First, WikiLeaks and the newspapers it works with actually make an active effort to redact sensitive information, such as names, when that information could pose a direct security threat.

They acknowledge that Mr. The police guard was withdrawn on grounds of cost in Octoberbut the police said they would still deploy "a number of overt and covert tactics to arrest him". That night, the story leaked to the Swedish newspaper Expressen. She had awoken to find him having sex with her, she said, but when she asked whether he was wearing a condom he said no.

Julian Assange: A hero or a villain?

The case against Assange, which has been the subject of intense speculation and dispute in mainstream media and on the internet, is laid out in police material held in Stockholm to which the Guardian received unauthorised access. Assange exposed did not concern the informational substance of the data package, but the fact that the U.

If Assange was really the champion for human kind he claims to be, and was willing to put lives and peace in jeopardy in pursuit of the ultimate good—transparent government—then he cannot make that ultimate good subordinate to his own interests.

Let the police find out what actually happened. Claiming that his information compromises national security, the US Justice Department has attempted to prosecute Assange under the Espionage Act, which makes it broadly illegal to compromise national security by interfering with the US military.

Harold told police he regarded her as "very, very credible" and he confronted Assange, who said he was completely shocked by the claims and denied all of them. Assange had then lost interest, she said, and fallen asleep. Rather, he ought to be thanked for the very dramatic shock he delivered.

The two Swedish women behind the charges have been accused by his supporters of making malicious complaints or being "honeytraps" in a wider conspiracy to discredit him. We have been warned that the Pentagon, for example, is thinking of deploying dirty tricks to ruin us.

We can only regret what happened. Assange has assumed a level of wisdom and competence that he does not possess, and used grand rationalizations to substitute his values, judgment and objectives for those of our elected government without due consideration of consequences to individuals, alliances, key diplomatic relationships, national security or anything else.

According to the statement, Miss A then realised he was trying to have unprotected sex with her. Miss W told police that though they started to have sex, Assange had not wanted to wear a condom, and she had moved away because she had not wanted unprotected sex.

In the end, what he did was not just act as a mere whistleblower.

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The biggest misdeed Mr. The co-ordinator of the WikiLeaks group in Stockholm, who is a close colleague of Assange and who also knows both women, told the Guardian: Given the billions and billions it spends on data security, the U.Julian Assange Hero or Villain?

The question of whether WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, whose organization can be credited with releasing thousands of classified documents from various countries, is a hero or a villain depends entirely on one’s political opinions.

Julian Assange, Hero or Criminal: My Reasons for Supporting Him Essay. Nov 28,  · WikiLeak's Julian Assange, Traitor or Hero? 1 following. 25 answers he would not be considered a traitor but he is a criminal and breaks US and international laws by hacking and should be extradited and tried for his Julian Assange is Not an American so technically he cannot be a traitor unless he releases information Status: Resolved.

Oct 16,  · Katie Couric asks Benedict Cumberbatch if he sees Julian Assange, the infamous WikiLeaks founder he portrays in "The Fifth Estate," as more of a "noble hero". Actress and model Pamela Anderson claims Julian Assange is a 'hero' and should be free to go from the Ecuadorian embassy in London without fear of being extradited to the US.

The former Baywatch. n the past weeks Julian Assange has been seen as everything from a folk hero to a traitor who according to one local anonymous resident “deserves to be hanged.”. Assange himself believes that Wikileak’s role (and his on Earth apparently) is to expose injustice, not to provide an even-handed record of events.

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