Language school and course leader

Before, I needed to think in Chinese first, then translated it into English. It has given us new insights in teaching English to our students. Program special interests include self awareness, diversity and generations, the power of strong communication skills, and understanding your job from an organizational perspective.

Our classroom teachers are impressed with the results This activity provides an opportunity to network and represent their office in new contexts. Please check with agency coordinators to determine if there is an internal competitive process before submitting an application to the NLP.

Rex Ignacio, English teacher, Inagawan High School Philippines The DynEd program gave teachers the chance to focus their lessons on speaking activities which allowed students to consolidate and personalize what they were learning during their guided multimedia self-study sessions.

Please carefully consider these time requirements before submitting a nomination package.

Vera Semenova, Methodologist, Teacher Trainer Institute, Sakha Republic Russian Federation Our data over the last 4 years shows that students using this powerful combination of software and LiveEnglish tutoring achieve the Cambridge FCE in up to half the number of hours it takes by other published methods.

We use DynEd in a hybrid blend of face-to-face classes and technology-based skills practice; its brain-based approach to language acquisition helps students make rapid gains in proficiency levels. Because of the amount of time necessary to complete the pre-assessments, substitutions will only be accepted 14 days prior to the program beginning.

The team environment provides an opportunity for participants to practice newly learned leadership skills. Upon acceptance into the program, students requiring assistance and accommodation should complete a Special Accommodation Request form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar.

We teachers have learned a lot from the program. A day work experience is required during the six-month program.

To complete the New Leader Program, participants will be absent from their position of record for a minimum of three weeks of training and thirty days at their developmental assignment. The success of our English learning program is largely due to our commitment to integrate technology with instructor-led courses, creating a powerful and efficient learning method.

The Special Accommodations Coordinator may be reached at or registrar graduateschool.

Center for Leadership and Management: Upcoming Sessions and Application Deadlines

Participants must finish all program components— NO exceptions will be made. Key training is developed under the Executive Core Qualifications designed by the Office of Personnel Management with an emphasis on the 22 competencies key to personnel at the GS Grade Level. The follow-up training allows our instructional assistants to feel very competent in using the program.

Through this assignment, participants are exposed to managerial excellence and gain visibility among managers and executives. This can aid in the realization of goals, both by the institutions and by the nation.

We have seen remarkable progress in student performance for those who use the programs regularly. Teams consist of peers representing diverse agencies and job series. Based on our experiences, I strongly recommend the DynEd e-learning courseware.

The New Leader Program is strategically designed around three program components: Students work independently at their own ability level and pace so we can meet the needs of students from multiple grade and language levels at the same time. The software programs are a great resource for teachers and kids love it!

Jorge Neiman, Program Director, Universidad Technolgica Nacional, Buenos Aires Argentina I pick a topic covered in a DynEd level each week and that gives my students an opportunity to really put the work they have done with DynEd to use…The synergy in the class is great!

Withdrawals and Substitutions Withdrawals and substitutions are accepted at no cost if made more than 14 days before the program begins. Team Building Program participants work with an experiential learning team throughout the six-month program. It has been a pleasure to work with representatives from the company whether they are in the technology, sales or training departments.

Health Sciences Students, Manila Philippines The DynEd program is very popular among the students who are mostly from the Eastern region of Sri Lanka and will help them in their education to a great extent. We have only been working with your system for six months and the results are fantastic.*Graduate School USA is a private not for profit educational institution not affiliated with the Federal Government or any Federal agency or department.

Award-winning ESL/EFL/ELT English language learning software for all ages and levels. Academic English, Vocational English and Business English solutions for companies, universities, and schools.

Language school and course leader
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