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Liceo Scientifico Scientific Lyceum focuses on maths, physics, biology and chemistry. For example, the famous scientist Lyceum officials Cori went to a "lyceum" school. Czech Republic[ edit ] The term lyceum refers to a type of secondary education consisting of anywhere from 4 years ended by graduation.

The more commonly used term for upper secondary school in Finland is lukio in Finnish, gymnasium in Swedish. Among its notable alumni are current president Rodrigo Dutertepopular author Rene Villanuevaand actor Cesar Montano. The school fully functioned with a French culture emphasis from to However, there are schools that appropriate the word "lyceum" in their brand.

Some old schools continue to use the name lyceum, though their operations today vary.

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Liceu de Goa in PanajiGoa — established infollowing the Portuguese model — was the first public secondary school in the state, then a Portuguese territory.

It lasts 4 to 5 years with respect to the type of the high school. It is a type between grammar school and a technical high school. There are other schools that call themselves "Lyceum" but are unaffiliated with LPU. Uzbekistan and Tajikistan[ edit ] Lyceums also emerged in the former Soviet Union countries after they became independent.

It was shut down in by the Ministry of Education of Belarus allegedly for promoting enmity within Belarusian society and using the classroom as a political soapbox, indoctrinating students with biased views on history, ideology, politics, morality and values. For example, Helsinki Normal Lyceum educates students in grades 7—12, while Oulu Lyceum enrolls students only in grades 10— It gives preparation for university.

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It only offers classes till eighth, but its studies match the level of its name as it uses all the foreign methods of teaching and stands with a slogan of "Lyceum: Finland[ edit ] The concept and name lyceum in Swedish, lyseo in Lyceum officials entered Finland through Sweden.

In Bavaria it was also a Hochschule to study theology and philosophy. Philippines[ edit ] The Philippines follows its version of the K system, where the term junior high school might be used instead of lyceum. Traditionally, lycea were schools to prepare students to enter universities, as opposed to the typical, more general education.

Italy[ edit ] In Italy the term liceo refers to a number of upper secondary school[7] which last 5 years from 14 to 19 years and are specialized in teaching math, ancient Greek, and Latin. The lyceum eventually switched to homeschooling with a limited number of underground home schoolers.

It was established in by its principal Javaid Iqbal. Unlike Turkey, Uzbek lyceums do not hold University entrance examination, which gives students the right to enter a University, but they hold a kind of "mock examination" which is designed to test their eligibility for a certain University.

Secondary Education - Ages:The Lyceum: Alexandria's History Museum. The Alexandria Lyceum was founded a year earlier, inby a group of well-educated local men with an interest in improving public educational and cultural opportunities throughout the community.

Ampil Director, Publications Office Sandra G. Recto Director, Communication and Public Affairs Dept. Felipe R. Lorenzo VI Director, Information Technology Dept. Robert Frederick P. Hayden Jr. Artistic Director, Arts and Cultural Affairs Dept. Renato R. Ricafort Manager, Building and Grounds Dept.

Robert Joseph G. Villa Comptroller Rizalina R.

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. Later, the Goa Lyceum received the official title of Liceu Nacional Afonso de Albuquerque (Afonso de Albuquerque National Lyceum).

Philippines [ edit ] The Philippines follows its version of the K system, where the term junior. All numbers can be reached for bookings and booking inquiries Monday to Saturday 10am- 6pm The Lyceum Theatre’s box office is located within the theatre building on Wellington Street and is open Monday 10am – 6pm, Tuesday to Saturday 10am-8pm and Sunday 11am-3pm.

Find the contact information for the official venue for The Lion King, The Lyceum. Contact our customer care centre, book online or find our box office.

The official Lyceum website, the venue for Disney's The Lion King, London. Learn more about the theatre and book your tickets here at the official box office.

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