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Misinformation articles also spread more rapidly on Twitter than fact-checked articles did. Secondary attributes such as mechanical durability, UV laser damage resistance, and homogeneity were also considered. Methods being used are eQUEST Simulations, micro-climate data collection, and calculating outdoor human thermal comfort.

New Albany is a city with a population of roughly 35, peoples who primarily work the urban areas within and surrounding New Albany. In this study, we studied the trade-offs between low-reflection bandwidth and absorption. The study analyzed top misinformation and fact-checking article topic trends from January 1, to December 31,in the weeks leading up to and during the first year of Donald J.

Specifically, I studied media comprised of two block materials with different K values to understand how the percent composition of the materials and their spatial distribution affect Keff. The additive manufactured 3D graded-index Luneburg lens is employed for this application.

In doing so, it connects the evolution of the group with the broader processes of censorship and media repression in Turkey. In an effort to reduce the amount of bandwidth consumed by the process, sources of both random and systematic errors were addressed, uniformity minimized, and process repeatability maximized.

Only limited studies have examined this relationship in college students, the results contradicted results from studies with school-aged students and were less consistent than results with school-aged students.

The difference in energy and utility costs between a poor and high performing building for a low-income family could alter their financial burdens and bring them out of low-income status over time.

The results confirmed the notion that shaded transitional spaces can lead to outdoor human thermal comfort and building performance.

Each community and individual learner brings myriad unique needs and desires to heritage language learning, including the need for community and cultural engagement in addition to fluency.

Oftentimes the home type prospective homebuyers choose is a detached, single-family residence. From this study, the efficiencies of three tiered strategies were found and tested against the differing geometries. They are the connecting space between the outdoor and indoors, between the natural climate and controlled climate.

Two microstrip-fed monopole antennas placed in the near-field of each other, resonating at slightly different frequencies, become invisible to each other by cloaking the radiation part of each antenna. Perugini, John The University of Arizona.

At ultraviolet wavelengths, the demand for throughput becomes even more challenging, driving system designs to larger apertures and faster, steeper elements. Low-income housing and sustainable design are closely linked due to the nature of living conditions and budgeting low-income families face.

Proposed design strategies to be tested focus of cost effective strategies as well as the law of diminishing return. The present study tries to explain this inconsistency, by assessing the relationship between three types of parenting styles and GPA in college students, using conscientiousness as a mediating variable.

Current research regarding the similarities and differences between the two course delivery mediums has resulted in contradictory findings, particularly in terms of how students perceive and rate the course. However, further analysis is required to determine the precise mechanism that upregulates MCL-1 and MRP1 in collagen-induced drug resistance.

Importantly, in vivo and in vitro models have demonstrated that, in the presence of bile acids, these abnormal signaling pathways are induced.

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In spite of observed evidence that campsite soil environments are degraded, mesquite-driven ecological processes appear to stave off degradation of soil microbial activity. The problem being addressed is the lack of attention on shaded transitional spaces in a hot arid climate.

The winter dining room in comparison was still in compliance with the range of being well-lit but tended to have results with less F. MiRNAs are synthesized as an individual primary transcript or as a gene cluster and each can act alone or together to control a single gene or a network of genes.

In this study, we focus on miRNAs a, a, and individually and as a cluster, and in a case-only study genotyping of rs in a PCa cohort from a southwest US population consisting of a mixed ancestral background.

Students from Authoritative families have higher conscientiousness scores than students from other families. Gulati, Gitansh The University of Arizona. Typological analyses and regression analyses are both included in the relationship assessment.

Among the control variables, access to information on onset of monsoon and amount of rainfall influences adaption choices. They can aid to building efficiency and to outdoor human thermal comfort.

Please refer to the Dissertations and Theses in the UA Libraries guide for more details about UA Theses and Dissertations, and to find materials that are not available online.

Prostate cancer cells adhered to collagen demonstrated resistance against LY and PX in an AR independent manner. In addition, performance of electrically-small helical antenna ESHA matched system in terms of received signal power strength, signal-to-noise ratio SNRand signal intelligibility is evaluated with the help of outdoor field test measurements.

The design of electrically small antennas ESA presents numerous challenges, primarily due to inherently low impedance and narrow bandwidths. Results indicate that three parenting styles are not predictive of GPA. Significant differences were found between online and face-to-face courses for particular evaluation items, college, and academic level.Guidelines for the Preparation of Your Master’s Thesis Foreword This guidebook summarizes the procedures followed by the Office of Graduate Studies.

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MASTER´S THESIS Internal and External factors hampering SME growth The primary data is collected by semi-structured qualitative interviews GDP Gross domestic product GMO Genetically modified organism GMP Good manufacturing practice HR Human resources.

Master thesis Department of Statistics Masteruppsats, Statistiska institutionen (Significance Magazine a, Manyika et al. ).

Large volumes of data are collected, stored and connected in a continuously Some of these data sources are structured, but many are unstructured. Only a small amount of the data is collected with a purpose.

Culture, Communication and Globalization - Master’s Thesis Ditte Kvist Hansen. Communication and Cooperation in Practice – A case study of the cause and alleviation of silo-thinking at Royal Greenland A/S. products, including fishing, processing, marketing.

Demand elasticities are estimated for seven lettuce and leafy green products through two-stage estimation using data from the National Consumer Panel. the stereo method and structured light method both require angle diversity.

at about 3 mg L This Master’s thesis presents a new green and environmental-friendly method for the. In this master thesis we analyze the Swiss market for structured products. We focus on the valuation of Worst-of Barrier Reverse Convertibles (WBRCs) and examine differences between various product.

Master thesis structured products magazine
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