Mitosis and meiosis practical report

Each cell was counted as being in one of the stages of mitosis and recorded. Remember that although interphase is the phase cells spend the most time in, they are not inactive. Meiosis is also a huge topic for researchers, with work at Birmingham including how meiotic pairing and recombination is controlled in plants, as well as investigations into telomere biology.

This is where crossing over occurs resulting in the recombination of genes. Chromatids of homologous chromosomes may exchange parts which is called crossing over. Each chromosome has two chromatids that are joined at the centromere.

Time for Cell Replication Using a high power objective, every cell in a field of view was observed. Mitosis usually makes body cells, somatic cells. Mycelial fusion and fertilization then takes place. Cytokinesis may occur, in which case, a cleavage furrow will form and the two daughter cells will separate.

More cells will be in the stage of prophase than metaphase. Sketch and label the cell on a separate piece of paper. Sordaria fimicola is fungus that may be used to show the results of crossing over during meiosis. Gamete or spore cells have half the chromosomes that the parent cell has.

Mitosis and meiosis practical report process, like mitosis, depends on interphase to replicate the DNA. Next, to show telophase I place each chromosome at opposite sides of the cell. George Gey for research purposes. Then to show metaphase I place the chromosomes near the middle of the cell.

DNA replication does not take place in interphase II. Does the ethical treatment of humans extend to the cells of a human that can be grown in the laboratory? Materials The materials used in this experiment were a prepared slide of an onion root tip and a light microscope. Next, to show crossing over in prophase I pop the beads apart on one chromatid at the fifth bead.

Methods Obtain a prepared slide of an onion root tip and observe every cell in one high power field of view and determine which phase of the cell cycle it is in. Crossing over can be observed in the arrangement and color of these asci. This level position is called the metaphase plate.

The root tips contain an area called the apical meristem that has the highest percentage of cells undergoing mitosis. During interphase DNA replication occurs. Then, record your data in table 3.

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However, in animal cells cell division takes place every where as new cells are formed and old ones are replaced. Cancer research is a vital area of the work of universities, and uncontrolled mitosis is part of what happens in cells when tumours develop. Mitosis is the first of these studied in this lab.

During metaphase II the chromosomes are centered in the middle of each daughter cell. The centromeres of each chromosome line up on an area called the metaphase plate. Metaphase I moves the tetrads to the metaphase plate in the middle of the cell, and Anaphase I reduces the tetrads to their original two stranded form and moves them to opposite poles.

No consent had been sought from Henrietta to take the cells originally, and subsequently family medical records were also published without consent. Materials The materials used in this exercise were a prepared slide of Sordaria fimicola and a light microscope.

Then reconnect the beads to those of the other color. A blastula is formed after an egg is fertilized and the egg begins to divide. Next, anaphase was simulated as the homologous pairs were separated and then telophase was simulated by pushing the chromosomes into two separate cells circles.

This is the only difference between meiosis I and II. DNA replication does not occur in Interphase II, and prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase occur as usual. Two strands of the same color were connected to simulate DNA replication in both of the homologous pairs.Meiosis, like mitosis, s preceded by the replication of chromosomes.

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lab 3 sample ap mitosis & meiosis

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How can we use microscopes to observe mitosis?

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Meiosis and Mitosis Meiosis vs. Mitosis: Meiosis requires two nuclear divisions, but mitosis requires only one nuclear division. Meiosis producers four daughter nuclei, and there are four daughter cells following cytokinesis; mitosis followed by cytokinesis results in two daughter cells.

Resources to help support the mitosis practical element of A-Level, suitable for all of the main exam boards. University of Birmingham.

Teaching excellence Mitosis and meiosis are different types of cell division, and although they are first encountered at GCSE level, they both remain important topics of research in universities.

Mitosis and Meiosis Introduction There are two types of nuclear division, mitosis and meiosis. Mitosis is usually used for the growth and replacement of somatic cells, while meiosis produces the gametes or spores used in an organism’s reproduction. Mitosis is the first of these studied in this lab.

It is easily observed in cells that .

Mitosis and meiosis practical report
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