One direction preferences you write a song about him not liking

One Direction Preferences

Am I not enough for her then? It shows you how much I love you. He pulled you a little way away and held you close against him. At the end of the little dinner he even walked you back to your bunk, leaning you back against the divider between the sections of beds and kissing you.

He furrowed his brow and his green eyes stared intensely down at you.

It had taken me months to get this far, and I was not going to let it be like that. So maybe in a couple weeks or months. Not having the slightest clue as to why, you watch as he grabs a sheet from the desk, and pulls the chair to sit in front of you.

His eyes glowed in the dark with his grin and he leaned towards you, resting his forehead on yours.

So do you like me then? Like have a crush on me? I crumpled another paper, not liking what I had written, again. The first date he took you out on hardly even counted as taking you out considering that you stayed in the bus and had a hardly romantic candle-lightbulb-lit dinner.

Perrie had to leave a few days later for her own tour and Eleanor had left as well, leaving just you with your cousin and his four bandmates.

He chuckles, smiling back at you, nodding, taking a break to sit next to you. I tapped the pencil in my hand, guitar balanced on one knee, trying to think of the perfect ending to the song I was working on.

I just - She really liked you. I had good ideas, but every time I tried to write them, I messed everything up, making it worse than the one before it. Both of the boys were still awake, but you were far off into your dreams.

He starts to sing softly, a song that you had never heard before, words flowing easily from his lips. As soon as it was over, you could tell that Liam was regretting letting it happen. The bus hit a bump, pushing his mouth down onto yours, both of you smiling into the kiss.

But poor Louis, he was trying his hardest to make it romantic and the boys were trying to keep out of the area too. Sitting in the studio, you watched as Zayn constantly scribbled out words, muttering, probably cursing under his breath.

No funny business on the sofa though.

After he stops smiling wide still. More than anyone ever has.You and Louis are supposed to be writing a song,” you reminded him. “Well that is not going to happen if you do not get your pretty butt down here,” he demanded.

“What’s that supposed to mean,” you asked shocked by his sudden demanding behavior. Harry: Harry and the boys were out doing promotions and you decided to just stay back at the’ve had the urge to start writing for your next album.

You grabbed your guitar and went out on the balcony since it was a nice day. It even ranked higher than One Direction's song, which put you in a good mood for the rest of the day. Your face in the video was enough for the 1-D fan base to know exactly whom you were singing about.

1D Preferences # You two write a song together Louis: He leans over the piano, resting his chin on his hands as he watches you scrawl down lyrics with interest. "Stop looking at me and play some tunes or something," you tease, bopping him on the nose with the back of your pen.

Harry, he loved to spoil you, so you always got nice, expensive clothes from him. You wore them the first day you met his girlfriend, and she thought you were a spoiled, brat. Harry, he hated that his sister and his girlfriend hated each other.

That’s when you heard a muted one direction song being played and you felt vibration. You searched around until you finally found your ringing phone buried under the covers.

You didn’t even think to change your ringtone to something that didn’t remind you of .

One direction preferences you write a song about him not liking
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