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Comic-Con 2018: James Gunn Teases Movie Reveal [Update]

Are these the nefarious government insiders trying to keep the truth from the public? It was these cases that turned the lead scientist working on the project from a skeptic to one of the most influential civilian investigators of the UFO mystery.

Disney has announced that Gunn has been fired from his role on Guardians of the Galaxy 3 after controversial tweets Gunn sent in the past resurfaced online. For now, I am off to finish the Project Blue Book comic book History was giving away at the activation.

San Diego Comic-Con Coverage. Maybe they will add that to season 2. Although the show has an X-Files air about it, it feels like the universe is calibrated correctly to have a predecessor that focuses on real government files and Professor Hynek hunting down the truth.

He had been expected to show up at the Sony Pictures panel at Comic-Con, but that now appears highly unlikely. While both are technically Marvel projects, neither is expected to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Although the USAF gives the impression that every UFO sighting they investigated was a dead end, the actual files and the researchers involved have a different story. He stuck with them through the second program, Project Grudge, and then the third and final, Project Blue Book, which ended in However, we have an idea about what his tweet could be referencing.

We will have to wait until an undisclosed time in the winter to see how the show turns out. Sometimes an extraordinary case would cause a media frenzy, and Hynek would be forced to explain it before investigating.

Senator at the time, Gerald Ford. The original story follows. The later being an iconic film on alien contact. They have added some speculation to spice things up.

Project Blue Book Exposes UFO Secrets at Comic-Con

In fact, Hynek coined the phrase used for the title of the movie and had a short cameo appearance in the film. Hynek says he began to be increasingly frustrated with the USAF insisting he explain cases to the public soon after they happened. Though he has been very busy with writing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

You are now subscribed Subscribe for the latest gaming news Update: It was already announced that that particular panel will have new information about the upcoming Venom and Spider-Man: It was announced in December that the director would be stepping in to produce a horror movie script written by Brian Gunn and Mark Gunn--his brother and cousin, respectively.

The furor around these sightings prompted Ford to call for Senate hearings on the matter. The director first started teasing the Comic-Con reveal with an Instagram post.

Into the Spider-Verse movies.

Neither did their U. James Gunn, the director behind the first two Guardians of the Galaxy films, is heading to Comic-Con with a secret film project.

In fact, the USAF said there were over cases that remained unidentified after a thorough investigation. In one high profile instance, Hynek speculated that UFOs reported in Michigan during the mids could be swamp gas. Taking a look at the trailer, it is immediately apparent the production value is top-notch.Watch video · Watch the Comic-Con Trailer: Project Blue Book video clip of HISTORY's series Project Blue Book'.

Find this and many more videos only on HISTORY. Jul 19,  · San Diego Comic-Con International is upon us. It’s the year’s biggest event in fan culture, which means plenty of news about upcoming films and television shows, toys, comics.

View more about this event at Comic-Con This year we are proudly featuring Women Creators in Comics. We will have over a dozen Women Creators at this year’s show out to meet our fans f.

The upcoming History Channel series Project Blue Book is set to dramatize the famed secret government project. James Gunn had planned to announce a new project during Sony's San Diego Comic-Con presentation Friday, but it didn't happen.

Project comic con
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