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J Psychiatr Res 19pp. Developing Anorexia or an eating disorder is therefore a way of gaining a sense of control, by excessively controlling their body size and weight. Anorexia Nervosa and Bulima Nervosa Critical Analysis of It 39;s Treatment and bulimia nervosa as known in the DSM-IV as eating the psychological explanation of what we now call anorexia nervosa have been will be applied in describing the diagnostic criteria for both disorders in this essay.

Outline and evaluate psychological explanations of anorexia

This explanation runs on the basis of patients with AN suffer with disordered and maladaptive thoughts towards body weight, body shape etc. Research, Theory, and nbsp; Eating Behaviour — for anorexia nervosa: It rules out the role of free will and individualistic.

The National Association of Anorexia and Associated Disorders, found that over 1 million males are Psychological explanations of anorexia essay by Anorexia each year, which shows that the disorder is, be it less than females, still very common in males.

A strength of the explanation is that it does have possible real world Psychological explanations of anorexia essay, if we can establish what is causing individuals to feel pressured into losing weight, it could be possible to get rid of this influences, creasing the rates of anorexia nervous and other eating disorders alike.

Ethnicity also has an influence on the occurrence of Anorexia. In effective parents will cause the children to grow up with a lack of understanding of how to deal with their internal needs includes nourishment as they are over reliant on their parents and thus feel a sense of helpfulness.

Therefore many characteristics of AN can be considered adaptive to enable our ancestors to move to areas where there was more food rather than being preoccupied by looking for food in their current location.

Psychology – Biological Explanation of Eating Disorders Essay

However, this theory is reductionist as it suggests that the only explanation of AN is a biological reason, and it ignores other factors; like things such as stress or sexual abuse which can both lead to AN.

Supportive research for the role of faulty cognitions and disordered thinking in the role Of Anorexia Nervous comes from Garfield and Gardner who found that AN patients typically overestimated their body size, further supportive research found that despite anorexics knowing they were out of control did not want to stop.

It is a form of intentional. This again shows faulty cognitions because despite knowing what they were doing was abnormal and dangerous they carried on. This approach suggests that individuals suffer from AN because of reinforcement, so they have witnessed slim people who become their role models being rewarded for their behaviour so they imitate their behaviour in expectation of the same reward.

This is supported by Eisenberg et al who found that dieting among friends was significantly related to unhealthy weight control behaviours diet pills or purging.

Without treatment, the condition can be fatal.

The article below provides more information about gender bias in the study of eating behaviours. This western ideal of beauty is further promoted into society by the media influence of magazines and thin models on television especially.

Media is a major source of influence for body images in the western community, showing that it is desirTABLE to be think as individuals are rewarded for it, e.

Research into the factor of ethnicity has also found different results. However, blind people can develop AN, for example, Yeager Et AY described the case of a 28 year old women who was blind from the age of 2 and developed anorexia at 21 years.

Different cultures have different ideals of attractiveness which can lead to different social pressures. This also provides support for AN having a biological cause, in this case an imbalance of neurotransmitters.

Furthermore, Nilsson Teal found a link between the duration of this illness and the level of perfectionism an individual has.

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The physiological consequences of starvation and AN have been shown to vary of AN cannot be easily explained, but a combination of biologic, psychological and nbsp; Cognitive Theory: It also suggests that sufferers have a tendency towards perfectionism; this indicated unrealistic thinking as gaining perfection is impossible, especially as perfect is impossible to define.

The meta-analysis by Grabe and Hyde investigated this and found that African- American females did indeed have less body dissatisfaction than Caucasian and Hispanic females. Discussion of nbsp; Frontiers The Psychology of Eating Psychology Cases of anorexia nervosa have been known for a long time Bemporad, Maybe sufferers have not been clinically diagnosed and therefore researchers results cannot be generalized to the whole community.

They found significantly higher activity in the women that were recovering from anorexia, the highest levels found in those women with the highest anxiety levels. Some of these traits may be short term as a result of the illness and therefore are not really a cause at all but instead a symptom of being a sufferer.

Furthermore the theory is reductionism, simplifying employ eating disorders down into one explanation; it also cannot explain how people who are blind can develop eating disorders as it explains that eating disorders develop as a result of seeing others being praised.

This raises the issue of how research onto eating disorders is directed and suggests a higher emphasis on the study of males should be partaken in order to avoid discrimination. However, the methodology of research into personality can be criticised for example the difficulty of separating out normal personality traits compared to altered short-lived traits that may have been caused by starvation.

One attempt hasfocused on genetic factors — with ambiguous nbsp; Psychological explanations of anorexia A2 — SlideShare Eating disorders Anorexia Nervosa. However, Halls did carry out his research with the use of a questionnaire; these are prone to social desirability bias as health status is a sensitive topic so the validity of his research can be questioned.- Differences and Similarities Between Bulimia and Anorexia In this essay similarities and the differences between anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are considered.

Similarities in the explanations of the two eating disorders are discussed through psychodynamic, behavioural, genetic and biochemical explanations. Discuss one or more biological explanations of eating disorders example essay 1.

Discuss one or more biological explanations of eating disorders (8 marks + 16 marks)The biological approach would suggest that anorexia nervosa (AN) has a physical cause, anirregularity arising from the body or the brain, such as hypothalamus dysfunction or.

Biological Explanation for Anorexia Nervosa Essay Words | 4 Pages Biological Explanation for Anorexia Nervosa Evidence for a faulty gene. Psychological explanations of Anorexia Nervosa Essay One psychological explanation of anorexia nervosa is the behavioural approach.

This approach explains that anorexia nervosa (AN) is learnt through both classical and. Outline and evaluate psychological explanations of anorexia There are 3 main psychological explanations of anorexia; behavioural, cognitive and the psychodynamic approach.

The behavioural approach is based upon the principles of 3/5. Feb 05,  · Psychological Explanations for Anorexia Nervosa Anorexia Nervosa has been explained by the effects of social cultural factors, which include cultural ideals and the media.

Different cultures have different ideals of attractiveness which can lead to different social pressures.

Psychological explanations of anorexia essay
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