Salem witch trial theories

Over the centuries several theories have been put forth, from the Freudian -that the witch hunt was the result of hysterical tension resulting from centuries of sexual repression- to the exploitive- that it was fabricated as an excuse for a land grab the farms and homes of all the victims and many of the accused were confiscated and redistributed to other members of the community.

Nevertheless, we cannot but humbly recommend unto the Salem witch trial theories, the speedy and vigorous prosecution of such as have rendered themselves obnoxious, according to the direction given in the laws of God, and the wholesome statutes of the English nation, for the detection of witchcrafts.

Salem witch trials

Ernest King and Franklin Mixon Jr. As soon as he was turned off [hanged], Mr. Those who insisted upon their innocence met harsher fates, becoming martyrs to their own sense of justice. It was a grim time: In February, unable to account for their behaviour medically, the local doctor, William Griggs, put the blame on the supernatural.

The absence of any instance of gangrenous symptomatology makes it highly unlikely that ergot played any role in the Salem crisis Spanos.

Salem Witch Trials

A doctor, historically assumed to be William Griggs[11] could find no physical evidence of any ailment. One problem with this theory concerns the extent to which patriarchy, as a pervasive social system, relies on the intentional collusion of individuals.

Caporael also discovered that most of the accusers lived on the west side of the village, where the fields were chronically marshy, making them a perfect breeding ground for the fungus. Pressured to name their tormentors, the girls accused Tituba and two others Sarah Good and Sarah Osborne.

We know not whether some remarkable affronts given to the Devils by our disbelieving those testimonies whose whole force and strength is from them alone, may not put a period unto the progress of the dreadful calamity begun upon us, in the accusations of so many persons, whereof some, we hope, are yet clear from the great transgression laid unto their charge.

Reverend Parris owned a West Indian slave named Tituba. The Devil in the Shape of a Woman: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Trials resumed in January and February, but of the 56 persons indicted, only 3 were convicted, and they, along with everyone held in custody, had been pardoned by Phips by May as the trials came to an end.

Parris was aligned with the Put-nams, in part because the church at Salem Village symbolized autonomy from Salem Town. The first five cases tried in January were of the five people who had been indicted but not tried in September: Nearly people were accused of witchcraft and by the end of the trials, 19 were sentenced to death by hanging and executed.

Giles Corey was pressed to death during the Salem witch trials in the s Giles Coreyan year-old farmer from the southeast end of Salem called Salem Farmsrefused to enter a plea when he came to trial in September.

That is a Christian notion that the Puritans associate with paganism.Salem witch trials, (June –May ), in American history, a series of investigations and persecutions that caused 19 convicted “witches” to be hanged and many other suspects to be imprisoned in Salem Village in the Massachusetts Bay Colony (now Danvers, Massachusetts).

Transcript of The Salem Witch Trials: Theories and Possible Causes to the Epidemic Causes/Theories of Salem The following are only some of the theories associated with Salem.

Boredom The Agrarian vs. Capitalistic Lifestyle Ergotism Fear of Native Americans Age/Gender Mass Hysteria Actual Witchcraft?

List of 5 Possible Causes of the Salem Witch Trials

The Salem Witch Trials may have been an irrational event, but they still have a rational explanation. Numerous scholars have attempted to explain away the events with multiple theories, but only one explanation has withstood questioning. The economic theories of the Salem events tend to be two-fold: the first attributes the witchcraft trials to an economic downturn caused by a “little ice age” that lasted from ; the second cites socioeconomic issues in Salem itself.

The Salem Witch Trials (February to October ) comprise the largest witch-hunt in North American history. A keynote of the Salem Witch Trials and the history of their interpretation is conspiracy: secret plots, involving members of groups perceived to be conspiring with the devil, and acting.

The following is an article from Uncle John's Heavy Duty Bathroom Reader. More than three centuries after the end of the Salem witch trials, they continue to defy explanation. In the mid s, a college undergraduate developed a new theory.

Salem witch trial theories
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