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Please remember we are a civil community. The biggest epiphany of music school for me — other than realizing girls actually paid attention to me when I cut my hair short — was that willpower is no match for emotional investment.

Failing to abide by this will result in a ban. Quantified improvement is a great tool for us to utilize in various areas of life. This is true in Speach guitar playing as well — being bigger, faster, stronger, richer, more attractive — these are all nice things and great tools for enhancing our lives.

Ultimately, your emotional connections determine your success. See my privacy policy. Recall the atrocious Guitar Idol video above.

Remember that everyone is a beginner at some point. I was new at my high school. You can opt out at any time. I put together a page ebook explaining how we can come to know ourselves better, just fill out your email in the form. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. This video is from the Guitar Idol competition — and yes, Guitar Idol is what it sounds like: I practiced hours each day, knew all of the scales and runs, all of the techniques and tricks, could play fast and hard, slow and smooth, various styles of music, whatever.

It took me many years to realize that.

Motivational speech Play musical instruments

This is a measure to combat trolling, ban-dodging, and spam. In my years playing, I never did find a band that either a all of the musicians were good or b all of the musicians wanted to play the same kind of music.

Ultimately, the song is making some sort of emotional statement that many people are able to relate to. Unless you are being emotionally rewarded for something, you are eventually not going to continue to do it, no matter how much willpower you have. We all need a mold to fit to get us through high school and that was mine.


I had the long, greasy hair, the big baggy band tour shirts. Because we watched guys like him and imitated his surface movements — the scales, the speed, the string-skipping, the harmonic ideas — spending hours developing the necessary skills to play like him and totally missing what actually makes him good: For instance, the video below.

Many people try to adopt a new diet or start going to the gym or learn a new skill or study a languageonly to quickly fail. For me, the emotional rewards of playing guitar were far more social than I realized at the time. You have to feel the benefits of the meditation practice. You only stick to a habit you enjoy.

I had no friends and felt out of place my first year-and-a-half there. Or a healthy neuroticism?

5 Life Lessons I Learned From Playing Guitar

But in music school, confronting my social anxiety became necessary to continue excelling at guitar. Comment Speach guitar playing edits made to conceal behavior is strictly prohibited. It was the first thing I found that I was good at and that was also cool.

You have to find a way to reward yourself for successful dieting. Visit our Wiki to view the full breakdown of what each is for.

But then I went to music school and that dream quickly died. Contact mods if you have a complaint.Glog text. Playing Guitar. Have you ever tried to play an instrument? It can be fun, but also challenging.

The guitar is an especially popular choice among instruments that young people choose to learn. Jun 11,  · After weeks of preparation, including learning to play the guitar, singing lessons and of course a new wardrobe, Dave pulled off what some thought would be impossible, a perfect best man speech.

Enjoy! Good luck Dan and Sara, I pray that your life is filled with laughter and love. Informative Speech Josh York COMA 4/15/12 Topic: Teach Yourself Guitar General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To show the class how to teach themselves guitar Central Idea: Anyone can play guitar Introduction: The rich sound of a guitar being strummed is something that many people have both heard and enjoy%(1).

This Motivational speech Play musical instruments speaks to the very souls of your audience, telling them that learning to play a guitar (or any musical instrument) is to embark on a life long musical affair.

I'm doing a speech on guitars in my french class soon and I thought it would be a neat idea to ask guitar players why they play guitar. So, I'd really appreciate it if you could take a minute and tell me what/who made you start.

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Playing guitar had been a strategy that allowed me to get my validation needs met while circumventing my social anxiety in the process. But in music school, confronting my social anxiety became necessary to continue excelling at guitar.

Speach guitar playing
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