Student athletes finding a balance essay

Athletes in the classroom: Give Yourself Some Downtime As much as you want to do it all, and well, all the time, realize that everyone needs a break from time to time. Realize that as a student athlete, academics and athletics will consume the majority of your time.

The whole reason for college is to get a better education. With a the massive amounts of time put into your sport, its often impossible to perform adequately as a student.

Each minute must be used with great effectiveness. Academic success is critical for student-athletes. As we all have our different aspects of life on our minds, the one thing that remains constant is the 24 hours ticking away.

Coaches tend to act as the crutch of the team by assisting athletes through emotional turmoil and pushing them to do better academically. With the several daily tasks an athlete has, the room for leisure time is very small.

Balancing Academics and Athletics

Protect Your Image Student-athletes tend to be the center of attention, on and off-campus. To avoid negative publicity, and to protect your name in the long run, be sure to continue positive interactions between other students, sports teams, teammates, coaches, professors, administrative staff and so forth.

Consequently, this skill is something we should always look to refine. Lastly, some sports teams also offer their own academic benefits such as study groups and tutoring services. Participation in college athletics is a fun and enriching experience for many students. However, the life of an athlete in college is not as great as it seems.

Students who drop out of college lose valuable skills for their adult lives, and more than likely makes less money than college graduates. Use Your Resources Rather than waiting until you run into trouble with your professors, or your grades start to slip, become familiar with academic services.

In fact, thousands of student athletes participate in athletic games each year, and thousands receive scholarships to do so. Take Advantage of Networking Opportunities Since a professional athletic career is not promised to any college athlete, this is the time to hone the skills that being a part of a sport team fosters: Acknowledge Your Responsibility While you have a commitment to your team and coach, academics must always come first.

If professors were to give student athletes an extra time on all their assignments, it would make it a lot easier for student athletes to graduate from college. The daily life for a college athlete is extremely busy and routine oriented.

Be sure to research this information from the start to avoid financial and academic hardships down the road. The social networks that you develop as a college athlete will help you learn the tools you need to be successful in the business world, as well as exposing you to people that may help you find a job after graduation.

All student athletes have to abide by the rules set up by the NCAA. Student athletes must learn to manage their time so they can succeed in college, so they can get a good job, and live a successful life. Viewing your involvement in a sports team in this light will turn it into a healthy outlet, rather than a burdening chore.

Student Athlete

These standards differ even further for those students who are receiving an athletic scholarship. University of Houston From my own experiences and observations, the average day in the life of a collegiate Division I basketball student-athlete is as follows: Of course, some students do achieve this route, but it is simply not realistic to assume that athletics will be your gateway to a successful professional career.

A good coach will recognize and ensure that school always comes first. Determine Eligibility Requirements Depending on what level of collegiate sports you participate in, each tier will have different eligibility requirements.

Most of the time, professors are willing to work with students who demonstrate a commitment to their studies.

Student Athletes

Personally, I believe college student-athletes should be commended for their ability to maintain a balanced life. However, requirements for participating on an intramural sports team depend on the college or university you are attending.

Enduring the challenges of balancing academics and athletics tends to be more bearable when utilizing the support of your teammates.Student Athletes Essays: OverStudent Athletes Essays, Student Athletes Term Papers, Student Athletes Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. But with the right attitude and planning, student-athletes can successfully achieve a proper balance between academics and athletics. Time Management Regardless of whether you’re a student athlete, this is a vital component of being successful in college and later on in life.

Needless to say, school-sport balance looks different for each group. Here’s how the following groups of student athletes typically balance their days: Let’s say you have a page excerpt to read, a six-page essay to write and a two-hour midterm to study for — where do you start?

The vague answer is whatever is the most important. A student-athlete is defined as a participant in an organized competitive sport sponsored by the NCAA and the member institution at Division I, II, or III. Student-athletes cope with challenges and pressures as they try to find a balance between being a student and an athlete.

Upon entering an. Student-athletes cope with challenges and pressures as they try to find a balance between being a student and an athlete.

Upon entering an institution, student-athletes are given the responsibilities of managing multiple roles. Study On The Student Athlete English Language Essay. Print Reference this. Published Student athletes are usually respected by others because they understand how the athletes have to work hard and are always strong-minded to succeed.

While I am trying to balance all of these things I am also going to try to be adjusting to the living.

Student athletes finding a balance essay
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