The little cloud

A married man and father who earned his nickname from his small and delicate deportment, Little Chandler whittles away the afternoon hours at his clerical job, constantly thinking about his approaching evening drink.

In Gallaher, an old friend who has done well for himself, Little Chandler sees the hope of escape and success. He wonders why he married Annie. Little Chandler feels remorse for his rebellious thoughts.

But shyness always held him back; and so the books had remained on their shelves. The men have their final drink together, and the conversation returns to and ends with Gallaher and his bachelorhood.

The book is relatively short and follows a very simple repetitive pattern, but was still very much enjoyed in my year 1 This book, much like The Little Seed also by Eric Carle details the life of a single cloud.

The Little Cloud

While dreaming of a poetic career may provide escape for Little Chandler, the demands of work and home that serve as obstacles to his dreams ultimately overwhelm him. He finally sees the truth that the reader has known all along.

Little Cloud

He had bought them in his bachelor days and many an evening, as he sat in the little room of the hall, he had been tempted to take one down from the bookshelf and read out something to his wife. Looking at a picture of his wife after returning home from the pub, Little Chandler sees the mundane life he leads and briefly questions it.

This leads him down a largely negative train of thought which climaxes when he returns home. Gallaher has become a moderately successful journalist abroad in England and when Chandler arrives at the bar, he sees that this position has had an influence on his friend.

Later that night in his house, Little Chandler waits for his wife to come home from the local store—Chandler had forgotten to bring home coffee in his flurry of excitement about Gallaher. He points out that there is a legitimate lack of action in many of the stories, certainly in The little cloud Little Cloud", and this "content of lack" [4] is mirrored by the language Joyce used.

Maybe my hopes were too high, but I found this story somewhat pointless and boring. The story finishes where it began: Little Chandler has settled down with a wife and has a son.

He sees a pretty girl, but he can see no life in her, and he compares her unfavourably to the rich, exotic women Gallaher says are available to The little cloud. I used this book in my year 1 class as part of a core text literacy lesson.

And he said, Go up, say unto AhabPrepare thy chariot, and get thee down that the rain stop thee not. Young children may learn how a little cloud could get bigger and bigger, and becomes a giant cloud with the other to make rain fall.

Reading a passage of Byron stirs his longings to write, but soon his wife returns home to snatch the screaming child from his arms and scold her husband.

He hides from the truth that his aspirations to write are fanciful and shallow. All he finds is coldness. As he walks he considers the far-fetched possibility of writing his own book of poems. Little Chandler snaps at his son.

Deep envy sets into Little Chandler. Chandler begins to question his marriage and its trappings: Through this story, young children should develop self-esteem, and teamwork.

Little Chandler compares himself to Gallaher, and in doing so blames his shortcomings on the restraints around him, such as Dublin, his wife, and his child. While he holds his baby son in his arms, as directed by his wife, he gazes at a picture of her and recounts his conversation with Gallaher. Without his wife, without his little boy, he would be free to prosper.

Little Chandler believes that to succeed in life, one must leave Dublin like Gallaher did. At the same time, as the meeting at the pub progresses, Little Chandler feels cheated by the world since Gallaher can succeed and he cannot, and so once again the friend provides a barometer to measure and judge himself against.

The only thing the children at work seem to enjoy about this story is the shapes the little cloud can make. But as much as Little Chandler covers up his true feelings with these thoughts that seem to "comfort" him, the reader can see past this. This makes Chandler believe that he has, to an extent, wasted his life and he succumbs to sorrow and remorse.

The only thing the children at work seem to enjoy abou This is a story about a little cloud that trails behind all of the big clouds. Not once in the story does Little Chandler write, but he spends plenty of time imagining fame and indulging in poetic sentiments.

By the end of the story he feels ashamed of his disloyal behavior, completing the circle of emotions, from doubt to assurance to doubt, that he probably will repeat for the rest of his life.“A Little Cloud” He remembered the books of poetry upon his shelves at home.

He had bought them in his bachelor days and many an evening, as he sat in the little room of the hall, he had been tempted to take one down from the. Welcome to the The Little Cloud design store on Browse through 45 amazing design products for sale.

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Young children may learn how a little cloud could get bigger and bigger, and becomes a giant 4/5. So this time, Little Cloud joins the crowd, gathering with his pals into one giant cloud.

And then they rain!In Little Cloud, Eric Carle celebrates the possibilities of imagination with textured collages of sky-blue and white in a story that will encourage the youngest child to?read? Carle lives in Northampton and Charlemont, MA/5(64).

The little cloud
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