Tips on writing a graphic novel

Originally I thought about doing a single page but then people who have to scroll could find this annoying as that format is not built well for tablets, etc. Very often, it is the cover art that draws the reader and like them have an idea of how the artwork would look inside.

A series of comics!

6 Tips For Those Taking Up Comic Writing

Think about what this means for text without pictures short stories and novels. Chris Ware, for example has worked in this way.

At the same time, I was at the London Screenwriters Conference and heard Tony Lee speak and he encouraged anyone who wanted to create indie comics to look for a partner.

You would have to decide on which platform you want to do your work from the very start. Some people like loose paper. A great online bookstore is essential, especially if you are sending people to the website to get your Graphic Novel. Look at the classifieds section.

The problem with working on an indie comic is that both parties are doing it for potential gain so it gets put on the back burner. Problems can be solved when you stop thinking about them for a while and come back to them afresh. This site is both a place to advertise your comic and generate income.

Dialogue One of the most important things to get right in a graphic novel is its dialogue. So do invest some time, effort and money to get a top drawer cover for your graphic novel.

Creating a graphic novel is rarely a one man show. This is the hardest part for me as I do tend to go on a bit… To do this I had to start at the beginning. This is a crucial stage in the planning, as it is where you can work out how the story is actually reading visually.

Edit and change the layout until you have found the best way to tell your story. Who do you want to partner with? Why put in all your time, effort and money into something that no one will look at? Meaning they are the visitors that you want!

There are several resources listed below that would do good to help you find out more about writing your own graphic novel. It is through dialogue that you give life to your characters and through dialogue that your tell your story.

It gives you perspective and a better feel for the pacing of the whole story. What is the lead time to customers? Here are some useful tips on publishing. Have they done it better? Re-write the dialogue as if the characters were your own creations. How do they handle a shift in visual direction?

The next bit is hard to describe. Then you were in it together. A lot of comic readers also go on Comixology and Graphicly. Experiment to see how small changes affect stories. What that balance is depends on your style, but a page heavy in text is likely to put off a reader, or even to lose them all together.

How do you work and create your own comics? Some absorb all the information, text and images, carefully. Hone your storytelling skills by trying out parts of your story or even the basic plot line on your mate.

How can you create visuals using text only? Does it have a bookstore on its website? I minimimalised down to my diary being one word a day. So I reached out to an artist I love the work of to try to create a comic starting on the first day of the Rapture with the New York characters who will be in the filmed series and how they deal with it, how the government cracks down, the fear, the problems, etc.Write the story out as a traditional short story with all of the conventions, as to place and timing.

Include a complete protagonist and antagonist relationship.


Re-write the story once fixing all of the larger mistakes. Then however many pages you plan to make the graphic novel, remember 24 pages.

I am currently entrenched in the process of writing my first graphic novel. It is my intention to see it through to being published and distributed but that is the not the aim of these tips. I have read just about every HOW TO book and Graphic Novel that I have been able to get my hands on and I have been busting to have a go of it myself.

How To Write Graphic Novels. If you are interested in producing your own graphic novel or novel period, then you might find some useful information and resources here. 5 Tips on Getting Started Creating a Graphic Novel - Part One It's given us the idea of blogging a few tips on how to get started making a graphic novel.

Whether you're thinking of writing and drawing the entire book yourself, or of working with a writer or an artist, it's a good idea to have an all round knowledge of how comics and graphic.

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Tips on writing a graphic novel
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