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Recovery continues on an outpatient basis until optimal wellness is achieved. Florence Nightingale, the nurse who established the theoretical base of nursing, developed and published a philosophy and a theory of health and nursing that has served as a solid foundation for the nursing profession.

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A similar organization and structure of facts and events are present in large bodies of knowledge, through theories, philosophies, concepts, and processes.

The theory takes place when it is noted that a patient is struggling to care for himself or herself or can not complete processes that they normally could.

Over a lifetime, the person becomes a normal line of defense that uses biologic, psychologic, Uses of nursing theory essay, and developmental skills to deal with stressors Fawcett, One of the first things taught in many nursing programs is nursing diagnosis.

Provide evidence to support your conclusion. Below, give the complete citation for your selected example in correct APA format. Find an example of a nursing theory in a current book or periodical.

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Theorists began discoveries in the early s with Florence Nightingale and have continued to expand ever since Hegge, Self-care deficits are always a focus when instructing students in the beginning phases of school.

Some patients live with everyday pain that may be considered normal, others may experience pain that alters their abilities to function at baseline. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

The flexible line of defense is altered over a short period of time and serves as a buffer. Knowing that nursing has become a recognizable profession in its own right it is important as well to garner an understanding as to the philosophy…… [Read More] Anyone can claim to be an expert with a newly developed theory.

Some have illnesses that are chronic and others have acute illness that will eventually become better with proper treatment. Self-care deficits occur when a patient is not able to ambulate to the rest room, unable to urinate or is incontinent of urine output.

The Gestalt Theory was also included and it describes homeostasis as the process by which an organism maintain equilibrium and consequently it health, under varying conditions. Theory Description Explain whether the theory uses deductive, inductive or retroductive reasoning. Caplan adapted levels of prevention which included primary, secondary and tertiary.

Print a copy of the article and bring it to class and submit it to your professor. At this point the patient is wholly compensated in self-care, he unable to care for himself and would die without nursing care. Theoretical Basis for Nursing Fourth ed.

The inner line of defense or normal line of defense represents equilibrium or a state of adaptation. Nursing theories were and are still developed to improve nursing care, policies, and procedures. We are able to add to the proven theories and develop new theories, all of which can be used in strengthening nursing as a profession.

Self-care needs to be identified as an action that needs to be performed to achieve a satisfying overall health. Identify the phenomenonof concernor problems addressed by the theory.

A Celebration of women writers. Conclusion Nursing theories have become an important part of nursing and everyday practice. Nursing Science Quarterly, 26, The issue brought forth, therefore, is not necessarily one of finding a unique theory of nursing, rather one of how all-nursing philosophies are applied.

Wolters ste your text in here… Source: Common goals need to be made with nurses who work together and theories can be used to ensure that these goals are met.

Each of us is qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay question. Nursing theory is the basis of care for patients. Nursing theory is explained and described as well as various nursing theories are discussed and their current nursing roles are clearly identified in this paper.

Elderly patients are sensitive with care and the problems at risk for increasing risk for self-care deficits need to be identified and a plan of action needs to occur. As nursing changes it guides research that develops new theories.

Interpret how the concepts are defined. What is the purpose of the theory? The future of professional nursing is filled with a great deal of opportunity and excitement sh, Concepts and perspectives 4thEd.Uses of Nursing Theory I was fascinated by the quote above for in general, we can never go wrong in a practice that is based on a tested knowledge and guided by theory.

Recorded history of Greece first developed its special uses; from Pythagoras to Aristotle, up to present, uses of theory still remains important. This free Health essay on Essay: Nursing theory is perfect for Health students to use as an example.

Patricia Benner has been greatly influenced by Virginia Henderson, recognizing that Virginia’s theory focused on the “how” of nursing while her own theory concentrated on how nurses learn to be nurses and how they progress in their practice, using clinical development in addition to clinical experience.

Importance of Nursing Theory Essay Sample. In today’s society, the lack of knowledge involving nursing theories is present. Theorists began discoveries in the early s with Florence Nightingale and have continued to expand ever since (Hegge, ).

Importance of Nursing Theory Essay Sample

“Nursing theory is defined as an organized framework of concepts and purposes designed to guide the practice of nursing" (, ).

Nurse theory guides the practice of the nurses. Importance of Nursing Theory Essay Importance of Nursing. Importance of Nursing Theory Chamberlain College of Nursing Theoretical Basis Adv Nursing NR July 20, Importance of Nursing Theory Theory is an arrangement of thoughts meant to describe something.

Uses of nursing theory essay
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