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As it frequently takes place, in the end it comes out that both girls are eligible for the most severe punishment. You get to see Gigi and Nicole whipped, electro torture interrogated and suffering in an extremely hard BDSM and punishment film.

This time Nicole is teamed up with long time hardcore caning model Gigi for a serious session at Lomps Court. The girls are bruised, crying and suffering under the whip. As it regularly takes place, in the end it comes out that both women are qualified for the most severe punishment.

Then the show proceeds to an extreme whipping punishment based on the revelations during the BDSM interrogation. Nicole is electro tortured, whipped to tears, bruised and welted till she is a screaming and crying mess.

She suffers intensely under the whip. The whipping is merciless. Subsequently they are caned, spanked and whipped mercilessly. This task typically calls for the use of the well known electric device which usually makes all girls sing. Whilst the action of Lomps Court Case 9 is nothing new, we have seen more or less exactly the same level of whipping, the same trip to the interrogation chair and the same flow of the storyline, it is still one of the top picks in the series.

Lomps Court Case 9 is no different. But unlike in some films from Mood Pictures and ElitePain the most gorgeous of the girls does not get an easy ride this time.

The basic premise of the Lomps Court series is that girls enter the court to settle disputes and get awarded punishments accordingly by judge Lomp. This has a tendency to provide tears and answers to the questions asked.

Presses her nose against her tied arms. And of course no mercy follows.

Lomps Court Case 9 – Elite Pain Video Review

In Lomps Court Case 9 from Elite Pain both Gigi and Nicole are subjected to this torture and the 2 amateur slave girls are then whipped and caned severely till they are bruised all over their bottoms and backs.

Usually the awarded punishment consists of a trip to the BDSM electrical chair for some rather severe electro shock interrogation with electrodes attached to nipples and pussy lips.

A top notch performance by an excellent Hungarian masochist under the whip. At this time only females will be considered.

See the trailer below and visit Elite Pain for the full length HD movie. And looks excellent all the way. This task usually requires the use of the well known electric device which usually makes all gals sing. Not least because a seasoned masochist such as Gigi carries most movies beautifully.View Homework Help - Chapter 9 Video Case from BUSN at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Chapter 9 Video Case James Marioneaux, Ranier Agarin, Tehya Walton, Kristen Wyatt, Erica Bryant 1.


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The video content is inappropriate. The video content /5(). Lomps Court Case 9 – Elite Pain Video Review. November 29, / admin / 0 Comments Nicole is the new lead spanking star of She has featured in a few movies already with Elite Pain and Mood Pictures such as Revenge on the Laughing Girl and The Prison Punishment time Nicole is teamed up with long time.

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Video case 9
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