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A primary reason for colonisation continued to be as a place to send convicts. Why did Britain colonise Australia? Under the Vagabonds Act ofEngland expelled its lawbreakers across the Atlantic. Nevertheless, the killing continued but went unreported.

In the decentralized societies, the system of indirect rule worked less well, as they did not have single rulers. The British Empire was the most extensive empire in world history. It was a product of the European Age of Discovery in the late 15th century. Economically They destroyed the local business rapidly.

Laws and policies on taxation, public works, forced labor, mining, agricultural production, and other matters were made in London or in the colonial capital and then passed down to the lower administrative levels for enforcement.

He sent an expedition to find a way over the Blue Mountains so that the vast interior could be opened up to farming and industry. Lucia, British Guiana Guyanaand Malta. There are a lot of reasons for Britain to colonize other countries.

The first of the penal colonies for convicts who had committed another crime since their arrival in Sydney was set up at Newcastle, miles to the north, in Eventually he was captured and, inexiled to Gabon, where he died in New Zealand was eliminated as an option for a convict settlement.

But the war dragged on and, inthe House of Commons set up a committee to decide where Britain should send its convicts. This is not a characteristic of an invasion per se, but more of an unofficial invasion.

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With loss of land came loss of hunting grounds and fewerfood sources. Although the convicts were often tough people, and were transported for having committed offences, many of the crimes would strike us today as being mild in the extreme.

In summary, the colonisation of Australia took place for various reasons. The Hunter Valley to the north was opened up in when coal was found. The British colonisation brought law, order and technology into India and changed them into a modern state. The British finally won.

This was the case with the resistance actions of the Ethiopians, the Zulu, the Mandinka leadership, and numerous other centralized states.

They helped low caste people who were ill-treated in their states, convert to Christianity and enjoy a life of dignity. In the following essay the argument for the British invading Australia will be outlined, followed by a rebuttal from the school of thought that Australia was merely settled, and not invaded, by the British.

This brought the parties into conflict.

The Colonization of Africa

Legacies The British left many legacies to its colonial countries. Banishment to the New World accelerated with the Transportation Act ofbefore coming to a halt with the outbreak of the American War of Independence or American Revolutionary War between Britain and the 13 former colonies in Australia was colonised by the British.

The difference between this arrangement and that with Australia was that free settlers were free to come, along with the First Fleet had they wanted toand certainly after that. To secure its right and to increase its wealth, the British government passed a law which allowed only British ships to trade with the colonies.

See image 1 Why did the British colonise? The colonies were also subdivided into smaller administrative units as follows: This was the approach used by the Igbo of southeastern Nigeria against the British. This settlement was established to receive convicts and also due to a rumor that the French were about to set up a colony somewhere along the western coast.

It was soon apparent to the convicts that, because escape was impossible in that there was nowhere to escape to, they might as well make the best of a bad job. They were employed on public works or assigned to free settlers, many of whom were farmers. The political impetus derived from the impact of inter-European power struggles and competition for preeminence.

As a result of industrialization, major social problems grew in Europe: What are the colonizers in Australia trying to set as a rule? The Australian colonies became an untouchable British preserve, with Britain as their sole export market and the one source of commodity imports.

This meant that these colonies could only sell their products to England.Why did the British settle in Australia?

What impact did British colonization have on Australia?

Topics: New South Wales, Australia, James Cook Pages: 1 In this essay, I would like to discuss on why the British wanted to have a trading settlement in Singapore. European discovery and the colonisation - mint-body.com Aug 19,  · chrispearce52 ~ This site is mainly to promote my writing and to join with the reading and writing community across the web.

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Reasons for the British Empire’s colonisation of Australia

19 Wednesday Aug Posted by Chris Pearce in Articles Captain James Cook’s first expedition of towhich had sailed. British Colonisation of Australia in – PreziBritish Colonisation of Australia in Causes Effects Social If Great Britain colonised Australia it would make the British did not wish to Why Australia Is A British Country Essay SampleWhy Australia Is A British Country Essay Captain Cook did not invent Australia since it existed even.

Why did Britain colonize the Americas?

British colonists reach New Zealand

Update Cancel. ad by LendingHome. How and why did British colonize America? Why did Britain never attempt to colonize South America? Are America and Britain multicultural countries? Why did Britain colonize Australia?

British Colonisation of Australia in Causes Effects Social Political Economical Political Social Economic As the British settled inland, the Aborigines began to lose everything; hunting ground, watering holes, etc. Aborigines suffered from the effects of alchohol and many were injured or killed.

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