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Most of them use images frequently shared on social media with white bold text. Furthermore, since all-capital printing takes at least one-third more space than lower case, more fixation pauses are required for reading the same amount of material.

This meme pokes fun at how easy it for writers to get distracted and put off the writing of a paper or novel.

Text in all capitals covers about 35 percent more printing surface than the same material set in lower case. Those who prefer lower case claim their preferences gives greater legibility. His findings were as follows: Tools Writing Memes Writing memes offer a fun break and a good laugh for hard working writers.

Keyboard Warriors and Rage Typing: Adding digits in all caps styled texts may multiply these confusions, which is one aim of Leet intentional pseudo duplicates and can provide simple means of concealing messages often numbers.

For this reason, etiquette generally discourages the use of all caps when posting messages online. Faster reading of the lower-case print is due to the characteristic word forms furnished by this type. Surnames[ edit ] A practice exists most commonly in Francophone countries [18] of distinguishing the surname from the rest of a personal name by stylizing the surname only in all caps.

The unwelcomed creativity block is frequently discussed by writers. You can find a bunch of them here on Google Images. This is a common meme used for many different subjects. Considering the evidence that all-capital printing retards speed of reading to a striking degree in comparison with lower case and is not liked by readers, it would seem wise to eliminate such printing whenever rapid reading and consumer reader views are of importance.

Garner has described the practice as "ghastly". With the advent of the bulletin board systemor BBS, and later the Internet, typing messages in all caps commonly became closely identified with "shouting" or attention-seeking behavior, and may be considered rude.

You can also find writing memes on Pinterest and Tumblr. This would tend to increase the reading time. You can add to the writing meme culture by making your own memes using tools like the Meme Generator on Imgflip. As a result it is often represented by comics, graphic memes and pithy sayings. This permits reading by word units, while all capitals tend to be read letter by letter.

This has received particular attention when menu and ribbon titles appeared in all caps in Visual Studio and Officerespectively. If you find you are spending way too much of your day creating and sharing fun writing memes you might want to try a writing prompt or poetry prompt to get yourself writing again.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.May 17,  · Select All; Grub Street another SpongeBob SquarePants meme has surfaced from Bikini Bottom to grace our timelines.


Introducing: Mocking Sponge. In programming, writing in all caps (possibly with underscores replacing spaces) is an identifier naming convention in many programming languages that symbolizes that the given identifier represents a constant.

Surnames. There's something about all caps text that turns people off. Using it in a social. Or I remember in my tech writing classes being taught that initial caps in headings slowed down readability too. int19h May 9, Reply. Metro UI on Windows Phone actually uses lowercase-only for titles quite often, e.g.

If typing in all caps is a lazy way of yelling—a crutch for the angry and inarticulate—then the keyboard is complicit: The “caps lock” key makes it unreasonably easy for us to be rude.

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One of the cardinal rules of writing online, whether in an email or instant message or on an online forum or social networking website, is to never use all capital letters in your posts or messages.

This is known as writing in ALL CAPS. If you make this mistake, you may quickly be told to stop. Why is all-caps white font so often used in memes?

Most of the popular meme generators don’t allow you to change the typeface, the color or the case, but even with the ones that do, these.

Writing all caps meme
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